Fortnite introduces a second, smaller battle pass

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Why does anyone voluntarily play these games that are 50% microtransaction? Are they unaware that other types of games still exist?

You can play Fortnite without any microtransactions. All of them impact visual candy only and not gameplay.

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While I bought Vbucks years ago, I now earn enough in the game to keep and never need to buy them again.

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When the metapass, that entitles you to all battle passes released during a certain period, is eventually released will it be with a completely straight face or as a “lol, look at our sardonic commentary; we’re serious about the money though” humor pitch?

That would undermine the monthly membership they sell.



So you only use the battle pass and that’s it, which I think has enough vbuck awards for it next season?

I don’t go crazy with V-bucks - but they they sucker me in the with 80s sci-fi characters. Oh how I WISH I played the game back when they offered the Predator as quest skin.

Thank god I am not a big Prequel fan, but I did get the extra quest for the Maul and Ahsoka 501st skin.

Meh - I have a jerb and I don’t spend that much, I may as well reward the labor of the development team who is - IMO - keeping the game fresh. I am impressed by how much changes through out the season.

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Battlepass and it pays for itself + a few hundred every season. I have a friend who only collected free vbucks and saved for the battle pass early on, never spent a penny for any skin he has. It is a free game to him.


You grind, you’re interactive scenery to keep people who don’t have the time/do have the money, in game, it’s an important sector to keep.

Well mad respect - I don’t have that level of impulse control :slight_smile:

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