Get your Battle Pass! Fortnite's Season Five is here

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There’s also this:

I’ve played the Battle Royale mode a few times, but was waiting for the Save The World campaign mode to go free to play. I broke down last night and paid for the early-access version and found a surprisingly polished story and gameplay experience that I enjoyed playing for a few hours. On top of that, there are ample opportunities to earn in-game currency to purchase things like the Battle Pass, so I should be able to engage with the game on my own terms.


Part of me getting a new battle pass is that the old one paid for it. You collect around 1400 v-bucks for running to level 100, I think. Cost is 950 v-bucks.

I’ve never tried Save the World, I’m too busy playing Battle Royale – but the sense of humor in BR comes right out of StW, so…


Have you really.

Yes. Generally by friends who are parents who also worry this game will turn their children into murderers.


If Doom and Mortal Kombat didn’t turn their parents into murders, these kids should be fine.

Though they might start doing silly dances.

That kid said he’d “crap my pants” if he won the contest. when they made his dance, he wanted people to know he did not shit himself.


OH that’s good. IIRC he originally wasn’t selected, but fans pushed it to happen.

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