Fortnite: 99 Problems

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think I heard jay z got his come and get my upants

Fortnite has made so much money for Epic that they recently reduced their cut of stuff sold on their marketplace.

I don’t know much about Fortnite. What are people paying money for? Aesthetic items? Or can you buy superior weapons, ammo, and armor?

If it’s just aesthetic elements it’s mind blowing to me that there’s that much money to be made.

Just aesthetic.

I am also amazed.

Me too. I did a quick tally of what my kid and I have spent over the 6 months we’ve played – around $150. That is about what I spent on 3-4 years of Destiny.

Since I am not so hip I had to look this up. Seems there are 99 opponents in the game. Sort of glad the B could be one.

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