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Back when my dog, brunhilde a 70 lbs mutt, decided to engage two 30 lbs raccoons, I dog lifted her an acre back. We were both covered in blood, and I had a sore back for a week.

That pup could power Manhattan with her energy.


I got a 12 pound puppy in February and lifted her over my head 20 times every day. Now she’s fifty pounds, I’m really pumped but she hates me…


Okay, Milo…

Hah I did this too. They both permitted it but I wouldn’t say they liked it.



If it’s true that time and tide wait for no one, then why go to the trouble to lift your dog? After all, as they say, a rising tide lifts all the dogs.


“Tolerates” would be the word I’d use.



Drew gets bonus points for (what appear to be) an Akai sampler, Eventide pedal and various keyboards in the background (one might be a Roland).

That Reddit forum brought a good bit of amusement (and phantom back pain), as our family’s 175 lb. great dane often pouts over returning home from the park and plays “dead weight” in the lot as my partner refers to it. Leaving requires hoisting him up and onto the bed, all the while providing physical comedy for any and all passersby. #DoYouEvenLiftDoge

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