Profile of Hulk, a 175-pound pit bull


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While the dog is huge (and adorable), it looks like the still images are altered to make him look even larger. Any photographers out there who can say if playing with depth of field would result in this?


I’ll stick with Jason’s breeds if the following link is honest


Nah, it’s not forced perspective. Clearly those people are just really, really tiny.


Sad part about big dogs is that they generally don’t live very long. I’d get a Great Dane, but your lucky if they make it to 12 years old. Like people there are always exceptions.

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He is a rare American Mastiff with his ears sadly and unnecessarily chopped off.

Can we stop identifying every large dog as pit bull? It’s not helpful and it’s wrong.

BTW, most perceived “pit bulls” are really just mutts.


He just doesn’t look that much larger, relatively, in the video.

Here’s the problem with statistics like that- they leave out a whole set of questions that need to be answered before we can draw truly meaningful conclusions. Dogs that aren’t raised in a caring household, aren’t trained appropriately, are abused, etc. are FAR more likely to have behavior issues that can lead to injuries and/or deaths. I think there’s at least a reasonable chance that pit bulls are more likely to be subjected to these kinds of conditions, and so I’d be very interested to see if there are any studies looking at involvement of pit bulls in, for example, animal abuse cases as compared to other breeds.

I’m not going to blindly defend the breed based on anecdotes and personal experience, but I’d love to see some proper study that doesn’t fall into the correlation/causation trap. Pets are a difficult subject to distance ourselves from emotionally, so good research would be a fascinating read!


I currently have a Great Dane and before that we owned a Rottweiler. My Rotty lived to be 9 and then he got cancer, however I would not trade anything for those 9 years. If my Great Dane only makes it to 9 or 10, then we will be glad we had that time with him.


Penny, my rescue dog, pit mix, is a beautiful 2.5 yr old girl - and the glue that holds our family together. raised and trained right, they are some of the smartest, most loving, most loyal dogs around.

you want more photos? I dislike buzzfeed, but this one is spot on

(vicious killer, probably seconds away from attack, or just sitting on my kid - - keeping him from floating away while playing on ipad)


The Bull Mastiff is the evolved form of the Pit Bull. It is what the latter becomes after eating all the other dogs in the neighborhood. I learned this from my son’s Pokemon games (though I might not be remembering the details correctly).


OMGo to hell!
I have been snarled and chased more by Chihuahua’s than any Pit bull. So, if a Chihuahua weighed say 50 lbs, I would have been messed up.
Wake up folks.
Humans pull the trigger.
In my opinion, here are no bad dogs but bad people who weaponize them.


Where have I seen this before?..


Articles about the Inhumans and a real life Lockjaw are both on the front page. This may be BB’s way of subtly telling us that comics are real.


I thought so, too. I don’t think it’s that simple, though. I’ve read about a number of cases where people lovingly raised dogs, only to have the dogs turn on them. Locally, a woman came home to find the pit-bull she had raised had killed her husband, with all the evidence indicating it was unprovoked. It does happen, for whatever reasons.

I understand the point that pet owners are trying to make about raising dogs in a nurtured environment, but I also think it is vastly careless to believe it will never happen. And when I see a dog raised in a conflicting environment such as attack/guard dog and family member, I have to wonder if there should be even more concern?

Mistakes do happen, especially when confidence is greater than caution.

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So sad.
Yes, there must be wacky animals out there too. But in the wild they would not last. We made dogs through selective breeding. I bet the inbreeding of domestic animals causes most the problems. I have never had a dog in my life. But it seems that everyone I know has. The pit bulls in my limited exposure were sweet smart dogs, like their owners. I know that many 'hood dogs are weapons here in the city.
Police now shoot them routinely.
Very sad indeed.

I’ve known a lot of “sweet smart dogs” that can occasionally snap when one unwittingly presses their button. Chihuahuas, yorkies, labs, greyhounds, staffordshires, sammies, and the whole breed and size gamut - smaller dogs are more high-strung, but yapping isn’t the same as biting. You can see a lot of an anxious dogs’ behavior at the vet’s office.

What one can’t argue is when a Westie goes ballistic, the damage it’s going to do to your arm is a heck of a lot less than a 175 lb Bandogge Mastiff bite (@marilove is 100% right, this isn’t a “pit bull” despite what looks like a Staffie face).


How many stories have you heard about women coming home to find that their husbands had killed the dog? I’m not sure either, but I wager it is orders of magnitude more common.

Even with the docked ears (which I really, really don’t like) that is one handsome dog. I just couldn’t deal with a canine that big though–they don’t live very long and if you have an emergency where you have to pick them up it’s impossible.

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