Fossil fuel divestment sit-in at MIT President's office hits 10,000,000,000-hour (base 2) mark


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Thanks for covering this sit-in. There should be ongoing national coverage.


Thanks for this. I’ve been surprised at how little coverage the MIT sit-in has received, locally as well as nationally.


I wonder what options they’ve considered for attracting coverage without risking seeing it changed into a politically incoherent story about a “criminal disturbance” at MIT.


Do they have a divestment plan?


OTOH, you don’t have to have a plan to repatriate slaves into society to note that it’s wrong and demand that slavery be ended.

I’m not a film director, but I can still point out that Movie 43 was a piece of crap.


Its MIT as well as sitting there they should be at least roughing out a plan of action for this.


Looking at campus layout. There is area for rooftop solar. Roads going in perpendicular directions that may funnel wind. Also a tidal river.
Maybe piezo electrics set into walkways.
Rain water reclamation for toilet flushing.
Flushing of rainwater through turbine into river. Small gains but add in power generated from on campus sewage. Either methane burning or bacterial fuel cell. Could be a start. Heavy insulation of buildings. Heat pumps using river as heat source.
Just some thoughts.

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