Four hospitalized after crawfish boil explosion

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Propane tanks terrify me and I’m always a little surprised that more accidents don’t happen with them.


this immediately brought an old favorite to mind:


Using a propane tank in an enclosed environment is suicidal. I use my propane burner and grill fairly frequently, outdoors. I have had the flame go out and the gas continue to flow, which outdoors is annoying. Indoors it would be explosive. This sounds like a poor choice was made.


That’s just the sound of air escaping.

Goddamn that was a stupid idea that went horribly wrong :grimacing:


For some reason the post stops short of quoting this paragraph:

"Scott Fire Chief Chad Sonnier posted on Facebook late Saturday night that two of the four people injured were St. Landry Parish District 1 firefighters, who were attending the crawfish boil while off-duty. "


The boil was happening outside the structure, but the leaky propane tank was inside the structure. It’s not clear the propane tank was being used for the boil ( probably was).

Maybe they left the tank in the shed for fear that the heat of the burner could touch off the propane tank, unknowingly allowing the lethal conditions to form. That would be tragic, and ironic.


Was it a boy or a girl?


Sure, but was the gender of the crawfish revealed?


Bellard says a propane tank was leaking inside of a shed,

Um, that’s not good, you can die.



I loves me some boilt mud bugs spicy hot enough to melt your face.

just not like that…

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I hear they’re just going to go with deep frying turkeys from now on. Wait, what? :wink:

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Why didn’t they smell the leak? For this type of explosion the air in the shed had to be rich. Not just a group of people nearby, but at least 2 were firefighters, and no one noticed the leak?
I’ve boiled my share of crawfish and can’t imagine how this could happen

I understood the blurb to mean that the leak happened unbeknownst to the participants, as the leaky tank was inside a closed shed and the boil was immediately outside the shed. And that then when (for some unstated reason) someone opened the shed door, the accumulated propane gas inside the shed flowed out and ignited explosively. Agree that the details are sparse considering the gravity of the accident.

I am not sure I get why the crawfish are mentioned? Propane+air+fire=boom. I get that. I just don’t feel the presence of crustaceans really had any significant influence.

The crustaceans are the proximate cause for the presence of the propane, and the fire. Probably had nothing to do with the air, but, you know,


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