Truckload of gas cylinders explodes 39 times


Rocket science at its fundamental stage.

This one is pretty good for a propane vehicle fire. There are also acetylene fires, for example the classic Dallas gas plant fire, where the tank explosions are so big that the camera zooms out halfway through to capture the full extent.

This can’t be Russia. If it was Russia, there’d be people constantly driving right next to it giving zero fucks.



That was deeply satisfying to my inner ten year old boy. This is why you run for blocks to watch a house burn. Just because something like this might happen. I can feel him skipping around in my head.


Move on folks, nothing to see here.


7:04 was worth the wait.


There has got to be a Mythbusters episode in that somehow.


I’d love to see the dashcam view of the crash that set that off…

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Gee! Great! Anybody killed?

I was begging for one more at the end, after the police officer showed up, when you knew all those guys were thinking “dude, do you really want to get that close”, and … YES!!! Holy flying propane canister, Batman!

Careful, Hollywood, Russia has a new export and it costs less than yours does.

A good bit you might have missed is at 3:22 where an airborne cylinder gets a stable upright position and slowly wobbles up and out of the top right corner of the frame.

I can only guess that it was spinning very rapidly and gaining some sort of gyroscopic stabilization.


That Texas fire was the one that sent cylinders arcing hundreds of feet into the air and onto the highway?

And kids, don’t mess with acetylene! A static electric spark from your finger will go right right through that balloon of gas and ignite it and you’ll end up with a permanent speech impediment.

I love how the car alarms just keep going. Hey! Hey! Got a situation here! Hey!

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When the poppins’ done, the popcorn’s ready!

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I’d never seen fire amongst propane tanks in real life, so my main thought about this was “Holy crap, that thing from video games where a propane tank gets propelled around by a jet of flame really happens!?”

Moronically brought to you by some guys stopping in the leftmost line of an highway.

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I think the load wasn’t secured well enough. The cylinders started falling immediately after the collision.

The truck also seemed to be speeding right before the accident. Otherwise he could have avoided the collision.