Watch this semi truck jump 160 feet, setting new record

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What? No tanker trailer filled with gasoline and studded with flaming torches?

Mr Knievel and I are disappoint.


That house got scared.

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World record for a preplanned intentional jump…

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yeah! put his ass on a retractable bridge and let’s see what it really is!


My brother-in-law has spent the last 25 years repairing logging trucks. From listening to him talk, I was sure this would be one of his drivers.

But, this guy can park.


Hmmm. . . sleeper cab and all. . .

I feel bad for the pet chimpanzee in the passenger seat.


Geez, the impact on landing is insane in the second video, he completely loses the steering wheel for a second and his visor pops open.

I am surprised he was able to maintain control, cool jump :smile:

Fucked that truck right up–not that he expected to do otherwise, I’m sure. Right front tire’s blown, right mudflap hanger is bent at an improbable angle, and he’s dumping some kind of fluid all over the road. I assume the smoke is merely coming from his brake pads, but I could be wrong.

Good stuff. Wish I’d been there.

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