Something big exploded in Russia




No big deal. Putin farted.


“Here… hold my vodka, and watch this.”


Wow - Digg is still a thing?


In siberia underground methane chambers exploded/erupted last year, i wonder if this is another one of those events? Seems to be a big fireball so maybe not.


Refinery? I remember a big explosion at the Shell refinery in the Bay Area in the mid 1980s that looked something like this, at least the ongoing fire did.


Nothing to be seeing. Now to be moving along.


We finally really did it.




Reminds me of my friends driving late at night on an Alaskan Highway, suddenly they passed a very very old woman just standing by the side of the road looking at them. One of them said - did you see that?
What the hell was that? & the other two friends pretended they didn’t know what he was talking about and hadn’t seen anything. They even convinced the guy who saw her that it is a common thing to see before one dies.

I’m no expert but I doubt that it was a nuclear explosion as there would be some sort of shockwave.


There is a researcher who studies the permafrost methane releases, and she finds bubbles trapped under the ice in Northern lakes and makes a hole and lights them up. I don’t have the time to find the youtube link at the moment.


it never ceases to amaze me in these russian dashcam videos how, no matter what crazy batshit thing happens, people just keep rolling along, doing whatever they are doing. you’d think cars would pull over and people would get out to ask each other wtf was going on, or at least SWERVE a little, but nope. “…oh, look, a huge explosion over there… huh… whelp, better get home to get ready for work tomorrow…”


Vodka has that effect.


i was actually wondering if they were all just beyond the point of caring or getting excited about anything, but maybe you’re right.


RIP permafrost researcher.


Is it their economy?


A single, extremely powerful mutant.


My absolute favorite!

Ho hum… Giant fireball…


Better start an inventory of our mine shaft space,mein Fuhrer.


omg. seriously, WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?? haha


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