Four sets of identical twins pull an epic NYC subway car time-machine prank


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Do NOT build the time machine! Do NOT build the time machine! Do NOT build the time machine!


I had the biggest grin through the whole video. That was so much fun.


I don’t know if adequate reason was given to not build the time machine.

I say, go ahead and see what happens.


Like most SNL skits - this one was a good premise with a poorly thought out ending. “So do we all just disappear?” Um, no…you have to wait for the train to stop and just kind of take a bow and leave, I guess…


BAD IDEA. Trust me.


I don’t know, it looks as if I haven’t aged a day. :wink:


That’s just a browser caching issue.

DO NOT BUILD THE TIME MACHINE. It’s all William Gibson up in here.


Nominated for:

Best Use of SockPuppet, 2016


Well, even if it is a horrible future, at least my consciousness has survived a few more years. (with a sweet beard to boot)

I guess the doctor was wrong about this inoperable brain tumor, that was implanted in my skull by the secret society that controls all of Belgium.

Take that, medical science!!


claimed a Belgian simulbot from 2277.


This video was a great example of a good idea that was poorly executed. If everyone’s response is “ha ha, this is great, you guys are twins right?”, then your acting skills need a bit of work before you can pull this off.

I loved the idea, but couldn’t quite get past the porno level acting.


(The “He fixes the cable?” gifs weren’t good enough.)


Time chicka time time


So what you’re saying is that this band of merry pranksters shouldn’t have bothered unless they were able to find four sets of identical twins who were all such stellar actors that they could convince an audience of strangers that time travel was real and the very fabric of causality was at stake.



  1. The art or act of improvising, or of composing, uttering, executing, or arranging anything without previous preparation.


For a bunch of presumably amateur, untrained actors trying to pull off a piece of public guerrilla theater, I’d say they did pretty well. They aren’t going to win any acting awards any time soon, but they led a bunch of people on the subway through a journey of emotions (confusion, maybe some annoyance, amusement, etc.) that culminated in big smiles all around and a fun story to tell their friends. That seems like a rousing success to me.


Well clearly he did, since everyone came back from the future somehow, to tell him not to build it.


I’m not saying it wasn’t an amusing success, I’m just saying that the complete lack of acting skills made it such that I couldn’t enjoy the basic (obviously unbelievable itself) premise. The combination of two totally unbelievable elements was just a bit too much.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like the idea of fun and harmless amusement that may make people think a bit. A comparison would be watching a “magician”. I’m absolutely transfixed by people who are so skilled that it really makes me want to believe what I know can’t be true (But object X was just there, and he made it disappear!). Beginning or unskilled magicians make me want to back away slowly, then start running.


Man I wish stuff like this happened during my commute. Although I might be initially alarmed to find strangers in my car I’d probably go along with it.