Fox News explains why Mr. Rogers was an "evil, evil man"


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Oh no tell me DID NOT !


I tried, but 30 seconds of that asinine Fox show is all I could handle.

Such complete, soulless, heartless assholes.


Well, aren’t they special.


Did CERN turn that Max Hadron collider thingy on again?


Unicorn Chaser:


Fred Rogers was also an ordained Presbyterian minister who, like Jimmy Carter, was inspired by his Christian faith to work towards creating a world that emphasized love and tolerance and charity.

So I guess it’s pretty much a given that the modern Evangelical movement hates him.


I cannot possibly imagine an American who could see Fred Rogers as in any way evil or bad, unless they assumed things about him that were untrue. He’s the closest thing in our country we have to a pure, altogether wholesome father figure who did nothing but good.


Start the clock, they have 3 days to return his car with an apology note.


Really, that’s pretty much all you need to say. That’s what all the members of the modern evangelical movement have in common.


Bless their hearts.


What good are kids with self esteem? They expect pay and rights and stuff.


I loathe the propaganda arm of the GOP as much as anyone, but this clip is from TEN YEARS AGO, 2008.

Don’t post random bits of ancient history as news articles.


You do know that the whole conservative ethos is to resist change and keep their policies the same right?

In 2008 Mitch McConnell was the leader of the GOP in the Senate. Guess who’s the leader of the GOP in the Senate today?

They’d be happy to just fossilize the country if they weren’t so hellbent on taking it back to a fictional idea of what the 1950s never were.


I have crap pinned to the cork board next to my refrigerator that is more than 10 years old.


It’s harder to exploit people who have good self-esteem; which is a threat to those who benefit by exploiting us.


…to help the education industry tell stupid children they were special…

The school of the future will tell special children they are stupid, so there’s one problem solved.

Also, @LDoBe, I think that’s just a cover. They pretend to enshrine the past, but it’s just a stalking horse for privilege. Exhibit one is how passionately they rejected child abuse, until the day Roy Moore ran for Senate.


What these competition-worshipping mammonites don’t understand about Rogerism is that it’s not that we wanted every kid to get a trophy, it’s that we Rogerites understand that turning fun, comeradierie-, coordination- and skill-building games into an obsession about winners and losers is a fucked up schema for childhood. We don’t want all the kids to have trophies. We want to melt all the trophies down and sell them for Madeleine L’Engle books and vinyl presses of Free to Be You and Me. And we would, too if it wouldn’t make those fucking broflake coach-berating assholes break down and take their balls home.


I expect so very little from the fox fucks and they never fail to provide nothing of value. Guess it’s part of the conservative agenda, consistency of mediocracy. What sad lives they live.


Mirror, mirror, on the wall . . .

Hate always seems to see itself, wherever it looks.

This crowd would fit right in with my wife’s abusive mother who once asked her 'What do you think gives you the right to be happy?"