Fox News yanked off the air in the UK


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Where did I put that tiny fiddle…

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Do they have the Russia Today network in the UK? I notice there’s been a lot of overlap between the two lately.


That headline sounds as if they’re being kicked out.


Yes. For balance. :joy:


Visions of America if the Brits had beat us in the AmerRev.


That’s your interpretation. I parsed it more accurately, but I already knew the Sky angle of the story and that may have helped me make the leap without assuming I was being duped in some way.


Well, here I was, thinking that trash heap had finally spouted one lie too many and had to face consequences in at least one place.

Once again I must face the fact I’m way too naive…


It’s just human to fall for clickbait. I also clicked through to the article, for similar reasons. And I am probably a human. If you are, too, that makes two of us. But on the internet, no-one knows you are a Fox.


Sky should fight the merger anyway


Different name, same people at the top


If only . . . :pray:


There is an argument to be made that Fox News should be pulled from the U.S. cable system as well. The cable system, like the airwaves, is owned and regulated by the government. And part of the charter of being allowed to use these resources has been that programming - and especially news - is to serve the public interest. There was an understanding - referenced back to the Founding Fathers - that news performed an essential role in a properly functioning democracy and had on obligation to work for the public interest. Which could only mean that it give reliable reporting.

By calling themselves Fox “News”, they have an obligation to present current events truthfully. An obligation they have never met. They would therefore be in violation of their charter, and could and should be pulled off the air. They could continue their programming if they did not purport to call themselves a news network.


But…aren’t they fair and balanced? Or does that translate as white and liable to tilt in the direction of a finger on the scales?


Don’t you think that right wing opinions are of public interest?

I couldnt dream up a more heinous network but if the goverment took them off the air you would surely start a civil war where the “freedom” to be like Sean Hannity would become the 28th amendment.


We should be so lucky. Fox"News" is a Reich-Wing propaganda organ that would make Josef Goebbels blush with envy.


Nothing wrong with right-wing opinions on TV. But opinion is not “news”. News is supposed to be factual and true.


If CNN and MSNBC news shows were shown to be deliberately false, they should not be allowed either. Free speech on public airways comes with an obligation that news serves the public interest. Telling lies/propaganda is not news.

It is opinion. Personally, I would like to see some sort of truth standard on opinion shows also. Perhaps the equal time rule should be reinstated. Perhaps there should be a review board with real teeth. But we are at a point where it is getting impossible to know what a true fact is, and democracy can not survive that. This - Truth - is important, one would think.


Bout bloody time.


Fox News yanked off the air in the UK

Well, they’ve certainly yanked us enough on the air.