Fox News's astroturfers who defend the network online with armies of fake identities

You can delete your own comments, it doesn’t necessarily mean that a moderator did it. Disemvowelment is a serious accusation!

For starters, when they’re defending Fox News (and ilk), the robots are way more readable and coherent.

I often wonder what sort of wretched creature works astroturf for Fox News, or the Kremlin, or the NSA, or WikiPR. And then I remember that thanks to cell phones and “Do Not Call”, the telemarketing industry is almost dead.

This is either the most precisely on topic and bombastically sarcastic, satirical comment I have ever seen from a new account or… well, that’s just very meta, whatever way you cut it.

Edit: I h8 teh w0rd ‘newbie’.

I have posted bunches of comments bOINGbOING didn’t like, with very few deletions.
I have been called an asshole and such by staff without getting silenced.
You are misunderstanding the criteria for deletion, I’m sure.

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Well, not to be too obviously condescending, but as far as I know Antinous is not paid to venture forth into the web and drown every negative comment about BoingBoing in angry posts and silly rebuttals.

But I can see how a moron might make an equivalency between moderating content on one’s own site and attempting to control content on every other site on the web. Totally the same thing, if you lack the capacity for mathematics or abstract thought.


FYI, Antinous no longer works for BB.

So, these days its Falcor. Thread lock and post deletion do happen here, regardless of who does them.

As someone who gets deleted occasionally I say Hear Here! Keep doing it BBS we don’t need to keep the sludge in the tank for the sake of completeness.


Then all I can say is don’t despair. Your comment that I replied to did have that tone of “I gave up, and you should give up too.” And it is that sort of defeatist attitude that I thought was there that I was responding to.

I get the feeling that Fox News’ strategy is one that harmed them in the long run. Any thoughtful supporters were eventually drowned out by the noise and flames that you so eloquently point out, so that it became easier to skim comments. I know I wasn’t the only one who merely glanced at them and moved on, and my current habit of reading is that short comments and very long comments are both hardly read because so many spammers seem to have the time to post entire novels, hoping to create the illusion of evidence.

We’re on the same side, after all, it seems. :thumbsup:

You know, disemvowelment was one of the better innovations of the older BB comment system. Maybe @codinghorror and his crack team can provide that tool to the mods in this incarnation? After all, it did provide a good warning shot across the bow that the comment most likely broke the board’s rules of conduct.

My common refrain to those complaining about moderators is to remember that this is like a social gathering in someone’s home, or in the lobby of a theatre. There, the host has every right to tell you to leave the party if you are harrassing at the other guests or otherwise engaging in asshattery.


I am OUTRAGED that a legally incorporated, profitable news operation is being ATTACKED in this way!

Oh really? So who’s been caught paying them? George Soros?

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I can’t say that they are paid shills. But surely, you saw them before the election.

Why do I get the feeling that if the list of screen names were published, we’d all recognize quite a few of them?

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Was it, though? I’m not so sure.

I see your point, and it is good to see that this has been thought out. I stand by my statement that disemvowellment was innovative, though.

I laugh a hearty laugh every single time I hear “Fair and Balanced”.

Sadly, the people watching it on a regular basis really think that Fox is neutral. Apparently if you hear something often enough you start to think it is true.

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