France to 15 year old girl: wear a shorter skirt or you can't get an education

So, if there were a rule prohibiting the wearing of the Star of David, that would be okay as long as a Catholic student wearing a Star of David was sent home, as well?


Relax. It all averages out. They sent me home, too, for being too naked.


Father Changstein El-Gamal: Dearly liked, we stand here before one or more gods, or fewer; to join this couple in pretty good matrimony. If anyone objects to this union, may they speak now, or forever hold their peace; or do something else.


I’ve heard some people believe that life begins at conception. I didn’t know that male arousal began at conception too!

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As usual - the headline is misleading and hyperbolic to garner clicks. But I guess that’s a part of the race to the bottom in which Boing-Boing is avidly participating.

Nowhere is there any indication that the school asked for a SHORTER skirt. I guess making things up is OK since this is a “blog”, or whatever, and not an official news source. Bummer.

However, they did claim the skirt was too outwardly religious.

Seems like it’s a really hard problem to decide what is too outwardly religious. That gets really thorny and really subjective.

That said - I am 100% behind keeping religion completely out of politics AND education. (Not as a topic, but allowing religion to influence how people are educated).

If anything - it would be simpler for France to just require a nation-wide school uniform. Much easier than deciding what’s “too religious”.

“No displays of religious faith or affiliation at school” IS a political position.


dawdler “If anything - it would be simpler for France to just require a nation-wide school uniform.”
They used to have one, but people decided the price wasn’t worth it. Why, every year the cost of baguettes alone totalled millions and millions of French moneys!

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Unless the skirt was covered in Muslim iconography – which isn’t possible, since that’s not allowed in the religion – there’s no difference between the currently in-fashion maxi-length skirts and whatever this student was wearing.

I think the right protest is for all of the girls (and as many of the boys as feel comfortable with the situation) to wear maxi skirts to school too.


Possibly. I’m personally not against display of religious affiliation at school, as long as it doesn’t violate health, safety or other codes and it isn’t patently offensive (subjective, I know).

My interpretation of keeping religion out of education was “allowing religion to influence how people are educated”. Not so much the display of religious affiliation.



Just to re-enter competition for the pendant, I should point out that newly born (or even un-born) boys aren’t generally considered men.

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Sounds like a conspicuous display of Unitarian-Universalism to me. The church where god is optional and nice is mandatory.


As a long term aetheist this rubs be the wrong way as hard as a porcupine with tetnus. Everyone repeat with me: religion isn’t the problem, crazy narcissistic psychopaths are!!


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What if it was though? I’d like to see the head assplosion that would cause the school administrators.

"Wait, so it’s modest, so Muslim … but it’s covered in stuff disrespectful to Muslims … but she’s not white … "


Neither are many adult males.


There’s no love lost between me and religions, but this is some straight up xenophobia. I should know, I live in 'Murica, where xenophobia practically is our religion.

Even if they did have a rule against ankle-length skirts, and even if it was evenly applied, it would be a stupid rule and deserving of protest.

Hoping someone shows up to school in a ‘Praise Jibbers’ shirt soon…

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Actually, if you’re not allowed to wear such long skirts because they look too Muslim, you have to either wear pants, or shorter skirts.
Many religious standards frown upon or prohibit pants on females.
Some secular and religious school dress codes don’t allow pants on girls, especially where there are uniforms, which is a serious form of discrimination: wear a short skirt of the type fetishized by mainstream culture and freeze to death in winter while your male classmates are all comfy in wool pants, or no math and history for you.


I’m not saying their interpretation wasn’t ridiculous. But I haven’t seen an official statement about the length. Only that it was “conspicuously religious”. Which is ridiculously vague and subjective. But only the media has said that she was specifically requested to wear a SHORTER skirt. In the articles I’ve seen, the school asked her to put on a more “neutral” dress. Which doesn’t necessarily mean shorter. I think if we’re going to fling loaded imagery around we should at least try to be accurate and not make up things that may not have happened.

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Repeat after me, the French republic is secular.
The French republic is secular.
Public schools like the one that girl was going to apply the principle of secularism to all scholars alike.
No exterior sign of religion is allowed. No cross,no burka, no long robes, no Kippah, no Sikh knives or such.
All scholars are equal in front of the republic.
That young girl can still go to a private school where she could dress the way she likes.
SECULARISM is a critical principal of the French CONSTITUTION, just like free speech is part of the American constitution.