A short history of cops telling women what to wear at the beach


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The more things change, the more they stay the same. Oy.


Shouldn’t that violate some sort of UN or EU human rights rules?


It should, but I suppose it’s all going to come down to how they are interpreted.


Why are people acting like this is about swimsuits? It’s about making Muslims unwelcome, and it’s working fine.


And it follows on from bans on the Hijab and other “religious garments”, though curiously exclusively focused on the religious garments of Muslim women…


To be fair to France, it’s just several fucked-up cities in France that have banned the burkini, not the whole country, as this post implies.


Too true. Make them feel unwelcome and they are more likely to radicalize in response thus fulfilling the prediction that local muslims are being radicalized at an increasing rate.


Street cops do this? Isn’t this a job for Bikini Inspectors?


10/10 would read again


Sexism yes, but this is out and out Racisim and the French people should be disgusted that they let it happen anywhere in their country. Not only does it not accomplish anything they think it will, it does the complete opposite. And it completely insults and embarrasses the women that it affects.
Many of these Muslims fled countries that oppressed religious freedoms, and I am so happy that they found comfort in such a friendly welcoming country. :angry:


Religion isn’t a race. It’s bigotry, stop throwing around the word ‘racism’ so nonchalantly.


f**k france


STOP BEING REASONABLE youre ruing my bad mood


To be fair to France its an ongoing thing with multiple angles of attack:

Though there are now multiple complicated bans on multiple things, that often cover other religious garments or secular clothing. All of them are an outgrowth of this whole “OMG Muslims!” thing, and from what I can tell enforcement is often disproportionately focused on Muslim women.

And other countries in Europe are engaged in similar controversy.


What do you think this FBI badge is for?


Calling it a “burkini”, making it a Muslim-only thing, just adds to the stupid. When they first came out, there were a lot of positive comments from non-Muslim women who had surgical scars or other reasons they wanted to cover up at the beach but still have appropriate swimwear. Burkinis were even flouted as a way to expand swimwear choices for all women.

It’s not just a signal of unwelcome to Muslim women who would prefer to cover up. It’s a signal to any woman who wants to cover up for any reason that she is unwelcome.


Pedantry aside, it’s definitely a form of bigotry being expressed here.

(also, there are such things as ethnic religions)


The whole country banned the niqab.


Muslims are being racialized.