Frank Frazetta’s Escape on Venus painting fetches $660,000 at auction


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the numbers… i find them confusing

ah… and then the edit


He was trying to crack some nuts at the time it seems. He painted her thighs to look like they could break a watermelon. What tiger??



I’ve said it before, and I’ll happily say it again. Frazetta was a quintessential ass-man. That artist loved him some ass, and wanted those viewing his art to love them some ass. Clothed ass. Naked ass. Woman ass. Man ass. Savage beast-thing ass. Inscrutable being from another world ass.


He was good at it.

(I mean, sure, he had reams of talent more than that, but fundamentally he was an ass-man.)


They can be distinguished as the 4Bs – Babes, Burroughs, Barbarians, and Beasts.

Also butts.


She did just break a watermelon. The tiger’s watermelon…and boy, is he pissed!


Vivacious, perhaps, but the woman is also human: she has fat, her skin is stretched in places, her body doesn’t quite match that “model” look and her posture is not one of seduction.


That is a lot of money for “garbage fantasy art”. :wink:


That falls under Babes, Barbarians, or Beasts, depending.


IIRC his wife was often his model. At any rate, painting from life is the best way to get the best look, even if you make tweaks for “artistic license”.

Though people like Boris have a problem, IMO, in not knowing when to tweak the model reference to make it more dynamic, nor does he do a great job of making his models look like they are “in” the environment.

IMO Franzetta’s use of light is what makes him so good.


Also the Vallejos (it’s Boris and Doris, right? No?) were more prudish than Frazetta and didn’t cleave to the ass. The Vallejos were more about shockingly dated 80s perm hair for some reason, and eschewed the ass.


I love Frank Frazetta.

(And I really don’t like that tantamount up there. I assume paramount was intended.)


For point of reference, and with disappointingly far fewer of B1 and/or B5(1)…

Death Dealer #6

At Earth’s Core


I always loved this old man barbarian one


Frazetta was one hell of an artist. :slight_smile:


What no one talks about when they discuss Frazetta was just how well he painted moss.

Taxonomically, moss is in the division of Bryophyta, so maybe that’s the fifth ‘B’




I was a figure modeling TA in college. The instructor was a tiny woman, very fierce. She’d use a long stick to point at the model while yelling at the students:

“You’re all making your asses to skinny! The ass is big muscles! Standing poses live in the ass!”

She was awesome.


I prefer his pen and ink sketches, but even in those his understanding of light and use of black to enhance gesture is amazing. His ability to see what my figure modeling instructor called “deep form” and display it with economy is remarkable.


Oh yes. My attention is very focused.


That woman looks like she’s flirtin’ with disaster…