Testament: A Celebration of the Life and Art of Frank Frazetta


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game recognize game:

style king Kase 2 giving props due at about 28:30 if the embed doesn’t work right

Whenever I see Frazetta’s name, in my mind I always hear it in Kase’s voice


Least convincingly disguised Eowyn ever.


I’m always excited to see new Frazetta collections, having been a fan for so long. In the off chance everyone isn’t aware, also check out this fantastic bio-docu-pic Painting with Fire


A large volume of self-portraits to an extent - Frazetta himself was a pretty good model for so many of the heroes in his work.


ugh I hate that dream where I’m all set to fight on the Pelennor Fields and I realize I’ve forgotten my pants.


“Why does it feel so breezy around my - oh shit, not this dream again…”


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