Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles


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That series also used to have The Fantastic Four. Many of the stories were adapted straight from the comics at the time


This must have been before or after my time. Sadly.


That was … odd. If you’d asked me before, I would have denied all knowledge, but as soon as the intro started I knew every bit of it.


1966 . . . I would have been 5 in time for the fall TV season. I could theoretically remember this, and I remember earlier shows, like Fireball XL5 on its first run, and Beany & Cecil cartoons when I was running around in rubber shorts. But I don’t remember this.

I DO remember the Fantastic Four cartoons, and the first Spidey cartoon series and the Marvel Super Heroes shorts.

Kid memories . . . weird.


DC recently had a series called “Future Quest”, featuring these guys and all of the other Hanna Barbera superhero characters of the era (including my favourites, the Herculoids)


Frankenstein Jr and the Impossibles

Not to be confused with Superstone:

And the Wayouts.


I bought the Future Quest series in flapper form, and it’s pretty solid. Some of the properties are an odd fit (I’m looking at you “Impossibles”) but it’s nice to see these characters back in action. Why someone isn’t making a Herculoids movie is beyond me.

I’d love to see DC do a faithful Jonny Quest comic series, like this (full disclosure: I created this comic for fun and all):


This was before my time, and as it wasn’t part of the usual Hanna-Barbara reruns on USA or Cartoon Network, it really passed me by. It hits every single mid-60s trope, though: Universal movie monsters, sci-fi googie futurism, a Beatles-esque rock band, superheroes, and the Three Stooges.


Coil-Man was ridiculously underpowered compared to Fluid-Man and Multi-Man.

There, I said it.


Wow. Hadn’t thought of this since I was a little kid. Did that “F” on its chest pivot?


Did Hanna Barbara dose their employees with LSD, or was it just the zeitgeist? ( horrible shitty polyester and cathode ray flicker zeitgeist )


I have a vague memory of maybe seeing this in 70s syndication as a small child.

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