Free "freedom clip" turns off K-Cup DRM

When buying new, yes, that is a thing to consider. (You can also buy a crippled one with the intention to liberate it immediately, when the method is already known (or when you are reasonably confident that you can find and publish it, that’s for extra points); that’s also permissible in my book if there is a price and/or availability advantage.)

Then there is the issue of hand-me-downs, secondhands, and salvages. I have no limits on those, anything goes. With the liberation step included, of course.



Two metal containers, one with holes in it fitting on top of the other. Some coffee powder (freshly ground if you can manage that), some boiling water, and about 10 minutes…

No DRM, no possibility of DRM, and it tastes frickin’ great!


Yea, I love openscad!
Since I am a filament hoarder does anyone have recommendations for gears and motor, I am thinking to stick with USB standard power.
I am trying to skip too much prototype printing and wasted ABS until I get a grinder and filament recycling extruder.

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I got an Aeropress for Christmas and neither I or my wife have used the Keurig since. Cheaper, better tasting, and basically no waste, since we compost in my city. It’s a little extra work, but definitely a better way to enjoy my coffee. Amazing how something so simple and cheap can make such great coffee, especially when most coffee related things seem to be so overpriced.


Agree, it is so darned easy, if you use a reusable filter just fire the grounds puck onto any natural surface and kick, upgrade the quality of selected soil or scatter onto lawn if you have no garden. My garden is out the kitchen window so I can just shoot the puck into the veggies with the Aeropress before rinsing.


It’s a nice toy. And for things that are easier to do that way, you can generate the code with a python/perl/javascript/whatever.

I am looking forward to virtual reality interfaces for these things. And for mechanical simulations of multiple parts fitting together, and for simulations/visualisations of g-code toolpaths. And so on and on and on. Maybe some game engine could be leveraged?

What about those model servos? They should be able to run on 5V. And they can be modded for continuous rotation, if the 180-or-so angle is not suitable. For gears, they can be 3d-printed and OpenSCAD has libraries for the cogwheels.

Also, this just in:

What about printing directly from pellets? These are dirt-cheap when bought in bulk, few bucks a pound tops. (Or maybe extruding the filament first? Or perhaps even having an “online” filament generation, by extruding it on demand via a “buffer loop” right into the printer head?)

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I’m very confused. Interoperability is about computer programs (or data) and this is not a computer program. How does the interoperability exception apply?

The beginning of your quote of the law also mentions enabling identification and analysis, which is not what’s going on here: this circumvention device is specifically so that others can make pods which will work, without giving Keurig the profits.

…Wouldn’t this business model also apply for printers? Suppose someone developed a “freedom clip” for a printer which allowed third-party ink cartridges to be used. Or just manufactured a re-fillable ink cartridge which had the “freedom clip”-like technology (really, technology to simulate an authentic ink cartidge), so that one could go to a store and re-fill it whenever one wanted, with cheap ink. But wouldn’t that be against DMCA?

I could barely afford the printer, still trying to figure a way to get the cash boost to cover new expenses before I can even get back to normal grocery shopping, so no filament maker extruder yet.


Speaking of which (and hoping it’s not off topic), anyone got a line on cheap but reliable inkjet cartridges for an HP printer? An online line, I mean?

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I want this sort of free DRM bypass gizmo to become the norm, so that the hardware DRM folks learn that it’s not worth the effort.


Why do you think interoperability is limited to software and data? Don’t the same principles apply (and even more obviously) in the physical world?

There are tons of annoying, proprietary screw heads. (A big go fuck yourself to those who use them.) There are screwdrivers for them on the market. Are they DMCA-covered? There are all sorts of mechanical adapters, should they be banned by a law just so some bastard can make an unearned profit?

If anything like this could be construed to be against DMCA, I for one vote for a mass-scale civil disobedience.


I doubt a coffee maker falls under “computer program”, and
this is completely about interoperability. Using other pods is almost
exactly the definition.

And yeah, this model would apply to printers. Which, lo and behold, doesn’t fall under DMCA.,_Inc._v._Static_Control_Components,_Inc.

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It’s already been litigated in cases of garage door openers and printer ink cartridges that companies can’t use the DMCA to protect their business model.


I thought an aeropress required a pretty precise temperature of water to work properly?

That always seemed like a faff to me. How essential is that?

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Not sure why anyone would care…


Could you turn down the snobbery just a tad so you can hear a different viewpoint?

My parents care about the earth, but like lots and lots of people in their age range my mom has arthritis in her hands, and just overall difficulty in moving around. The Keurig 2.0 she got for Christmas this year makes it possible for her to enjoy a cuppa super simply. It makes her happy. I’m a pour-over and an Aeropress snob, but I get that she likes it, and after a certain point that’s enough for me.

And of course, neither of my folks are technophiles, so I doubt they know much more about DRM than its acronym, much less that it could affect their gd coffee maker. Empathy! It comes highly recommended.


It is more like you can get another level of flavor if you bother with temp and other recipe stuff. As long as your beans are not rancid my experience is tap water direct from the kettle works and still makes a great smooth cup, even with most bagged or canned grocery story coffee. You get the flavor of the aroma of the dry grounds rather than piss bitter disappointment I remember from Mr Coffee type drip machines. My advice for Aeropress blends is if you crave the grounds or beans from their smell they will rock in your pressed cup.
Aeropress just permits subtle flavor tweaking with which oils and flavors you press through vs just about any other method which lacks the finely tunable time and temp contact control with perfectly sized grounds, this is fun for OCD types who like to feel ultimate control.

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Shooting the coffee puck into my compost bin is one of my favourite things.


One of the most happily mutated threads I have seen in a while.
Defeating DRM
Hardware hacking
Coffee(and coffee hacking)
3D printing
Copyright law


Creating waste keeps the economy functioning and the money supply flowing upwards from you to them, citizen.

Supervillains and greedy corporations like Haliburton really seem to like invoking the broken window fallacy.