Free "freedom clip" turns off K-Cup DRM

Agree with dobby. Temp control is only value-added with the aeropress. It does quite well with water just off the boil.

I usually set the kettle on the granite countertop for a 5-10 second count, which takes it down a notch and doesn’t require me to futz with timers or thermometers.


Others have presented sound arguments against the idea that this would violate the DMCA, but to further their points, the DMCA prohibits circumvention of access control technologies for copyright protection purposes. The act of fooling the Keurig machine into making coffee with a cup created by someone other than the original manufacturer doesn’t violate any copyrights. The circumvention doesn’t copy Keurig’s machine software and an ink spot or ring on a product doesn’t qualify for copyright protection.

Have these things started coming back to the stores as “defective” yet. It would seem that would be a problem with larger stores like CostCo and maybe even prompt them to drop the line.

Jobs suck ass. Everyone should hate having “jobs”.

Jobs are toil. Jobs are earning for the other guy. Jobs are what make it funny for people to insult everyone.

“Do you want fries with that” is no longer something you get asked … it is something losers have to say.

Fuck jobs.


I think the hate-on for K-cups is generally tempered by ‘… but in some circumstances they make a lot of sense.’ Your mum is obvously one of those, and shared kitchens/waiting rooms are another. But these things do seem to be taking over the world, and making actual beans harder to find in supermarkets. Add to that the extravagant waste, and the attempts at DRM-like lock in, and they can fuck right off.

It’s a bit like 4WDs. They are great vehicles, and if you live in the country, cart a lot of crap around, or regularly head out into the hills (hunting or tramping) then sure, get a 4WD. But if you’re just taking the kids to soccer and picking up the grocerys … don’t be a fucking dick. Get a car.

I put 1 cup of water in a pyrex measuring cup in the microwave for 1:11 seconds that brings it almost to the boil.

In set theory, we don’t use “and” when one thing is a subset of another. The Venn diagram of supervillains and evil corporations consists of two concentric circles. In fact, so does the Venn diagram of protection rackets and equipment that forces you to use a monopoly supply of consumables.

Google is your friend and there are many reliable suppliers. But it may be worth pointing out that the biggest saving if you do a lot of printing will be to go for a second hand Business Inkjet if you can find one, or an HP Officejet Pro X451dw. Even the proprietary ink for these is cheaper than the third party ink in the tiny cartridges.
(I like the passive aggression of printers that whine if you use third party toner - even though the third party toner may well have been made on the same production line as the “official” stuff.)


Thanx anyway, but I’m gonna stick with my cold-brew; screw Keurig!

I use a fast boil electric kettle (like most other people in the UK). It’s faster than boiling water on a hotplate and I don’t think a K-cup machine would give me significant ease of use over the aeropress and electric kettle.

I don’t know how well they work on 110V though.

Shite. Electric kettles, razors and hairdriers are all pointless in the US.

Or at least, trying to use UK ones with converter plugs is.

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Our 110V electric kettle works fine. I haven’t timed it but it definitely brings 1.5L of cold tap water to a boil faster than the (electric) stovetop. Probably not as fast as a 220V model though.

The main benefit is you can forget about it and leave the room without it boiling dry or emitting a piercing whistle.

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Indeed, I was thinking Japanese fancy toilet.

Doesn’t that violate anti-circumvention?

UK Electric kettles are usually 2400 Watts, at least the good ones. US kitchen appliances are usually 1500 Watts max. This has to do with keeping below 15 Amps for breakers

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America. Keurig don’t sell in the UK

Well enough to be faster than stovetop, I haven’t raced one against a 220v unit. The heating element has to be of lower resistance(so a 220v unit operating on 110 would be deeply disappointing, and they draw enough current to execute travel-sized voltage converters pretty handily); but other than that there aren’t any real issues. 110/120 outlets are usually on either 15 or 20 amp breakers, so (unless you are cursed with particularly obnoxious wiring) you can dump north of a kilowatt into something without much concern.

yep, Aeropress every day now for almost 4 years. (w/ a stainless steel filter and inverted).

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This message is approved by teapots everywhere.

Consider this: What if, instead of an ink spot, the ink is used to print an original, copyrighted haiku, and only the ink pattern of that haiku unlocked the coffee maker? Or just a trademarked corporate logo?

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