Free Frisco fresco 

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Link to sfmoma website is broken?

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I just saw it for free, Right Now!


Ah, I was thinking I was being geo-blocked in Mexico, which would be quite the irony.


anyone going to Detroit can see him “in the round;” well, square, I guess, at the DIA.


The corrected link:

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Sir, please stop right-clicking the art


There are similar murals all over the inside of the Coit Tower on Telegraph Hill, some by students of Diego Rivera, depicting SF in the 1930s.

Also, there is a HUGE original Maxfield Parish painting, “The Pied Piper” behind the bar at the Palace Hotel at Market and Montgomery!


The mural is incredible. There’s also a whole gallery of free art, as well as a publicly accessible library, at SFMOMA that is worth a visit, even if you can not afford a ticket. (At least there was last time I was there.)


The Pan American Unity fresco belongs to City College of San Francisco and is on loan to SFMOMA until the college completes the new building that will serve as its permanent home. It used to be in the theater building near my office so sometimes I’d check it out on my lunch break. The only problem having it there was that the mural was so huge you couldn’t stand back far enough to take it all in at once, so it’s nice that it’s on public display in a venue where it can be seen the way it was meant to be seen.


As my wife cleverly discovered on our visit there, the staircase in the tower includes additional art that’s not typically visible to the public. But if you happen to have a panic attack due to claustrophobia in the tiny, overcrowded elevator on the way up, then they let you take the stairway down.

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Is there actually an object where the word [OBJ] is displayed?


| Free Frisco fresco 

Not to make a big deal about it… but referring to San Francisco, CA as “Frisco” is terrible etiquette and is simply not done in polite (nor impolite) company.

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What about “San Fran”?

Or is it just “The City”

That’s a context-specific one, much like how someone who works in Manhattan might say “I commute into the City” in a conversation with someone in Hoboken, but would probably specify which city they were talking about in a conversation with someone in Nebraska.

My post related to an Eddie Izzard clip where she goes on a rant about how San Francisco is referred to locally. It was in “Dressed to Kill”. I was going to post it but then I got busy and forgot about it, but it would have given needed clarity had I done so. Here ya go.

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