When Art Rocked: San Francisco Music Posters, 1966-1971


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Hypgnosis. That is all, man.

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I’ve seen many great shows at SF airport. Its always worth a look before you check in.

Art began rocking again in the late 90s, too. Check out gigposters.com sometime.

Great post, thank you!
I wasn’t born till 1966, so I was a little young to enjoy these in their heyday, but it’s great that these are treated like the wonderful art they are. Cool to see originals and re-prints on Wolfgang’s Vault, too.
I keep waiting for something to pop up that was for a show on my actual birthday just for the fun of it, but it’s not happened yet. I was born on a Thursday, so that doesn’t help.

Now to figure out how I can get into the exhibit without buying a plane ticket.

My generation had Kozik


Yup, same tradition, newer music. I have several signed prints hanging around the house.

The exhibit is outside of the secure area, so you don’t need a ticket.
While you are there, check out the other exhibition: http://www.flysfo.com/museum/exhibitions/world-characters

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Oh, yeah. Despite having albums from a score and more artists that they’d done the album cover work for, UFO’s Obsession (1978) was the first one where I thought to inquire as to who did the awesome coverwork.

Then, I wallowed in a journey of delight as I reached back through my collection and enjoyed the unifying theme that was Hipgnosis. Thanks for the flashback.

By some miracle I still have some Kozik flyers from when I lived in Austin in the the 80s at the same time he did but never thought to ask him to sign any of em. Frank was just one of the guys in the scene, who knew he’d become famous?

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Those are nostaligic , man i hate ageing , wish i could have remained a teen forever …

To tell the truth, I’m damn glad I’m not a teen any more. Aside from knees that predict the weather, hearing and vision issues, being in my mid 40s is in fact great!

Well , not that i am complaining about being older ,but still teens were the best days of my life …I cherish them a lot,i dream of them , yet i do need to work on making everyday that comes by the best day of my life .

I was born in the early 70s, but this sort of artwork is part of what got me into psychedelic/krautrock/experimental music - and poster art. It also helped that at around that same time (mid to late 1980s) there were reprints of Zap Comix, which many of these original people also contributed to.

But, believe it or not, I never really thought about the printing side of this! I found these accounts of how the posters were actually made to be very interesting. Thanks for the great article!

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