Homegrown: Austin Music Posters 1967 to 1982


Huh - should get this for my uncle. He played in Austin for years for a group called the Uranium Savages. I’m sure he is familiar with lots of the artists. I think he plays for a Jazz band now… not sure… I know its his full time gig now.

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yes, you should, your uncle would love it.

I moved to austin in 82. and my college dorm wall was PLASTERED in “drag posters” all the bands, all the shows, all the time.

When I moved to CA in ~ 2000? I tossed about 4 shiner beer boxes full of posters into the recycling. Should have kept em.

Big Boys, Uranium Savages, Nice Strong Arm, Meat Puppets, Stevie Ray Vaughan, Butthole Surfers, Lucinda Williams, the Dicks, Poi Dog, The Scabs, Omar & The Howlers, WC Clark, Glass Eye, Scratch Acid, Ed Hall, (and Ed Hall Sucks) the list goes on and on,

and all posters were same size, different colors, different design, but same clubs…

Man, what fun those days were. Art for the hell of it…

Now I am a fat old man. and Liberty Lunch is condos.


Wow so you have heard of the Uranium Savages?

dood, i’ve been at their shows, (a long time ago) at Club Foot, in Austin.

Biscuit from the Big Boys would leave the bathroom window open, so you could climb in and see the shows for free. No one at the foot really cared that much. as long as the bar was selling beers…

you know the Savages have a web page? and still do shows??? right???

Oh, I almost forgot about the HIckoids, who, at one point, had a litter of puppies, which is how I got my beloved Ladybird, who was with me for almost 16 years…

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I guess I need to talk to my uncle more. It looks like he is still a member. I thought last I talked to him he was doing another gig full time too, but I guess playing with the Savages on the side. Awhile ago he quit his job as a machinist to play music full time.

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Might have mentioned this to you before but I still have some of those flyers, probably all Kozik stuff. I was there 86 to 90 so I missed The Big Boys but was at just about every Poison 13 show an at EVERY Agony Column show.

Really low chance but you might have seen/had some of my “work” which was all B&W xerography/collage stuff made and posted up around “just because”.

Oh and Butthole Surfers at Liberty Lunch shows? Unforgettable kept for the parts I can’t remember…

Dunno if it jogs your memory but I was a short little punk with a hand drawn Samhain logo’d leather jacket and a long devil lock. Now a bearded old yid in Tokyo and not just Liberty Lunch is condos, but theres a HUGE Whole Foods full of yuppies on W5th.

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i remember the jacket. at shows. vaguely.

by 86, I was off the skateboard and onto racing motorcycles. (you wanna piss off an overprotective jewish mother? get into roadracing motorcycles!!!) and spending WAY WAY too much time with my housemate Jim as he was working the parking lot for Whole Earth, Les Amis and Mad Dog & Beans.

There was this bitchin skateboard contest/punk rock show in the parking lot at Mad Dogs once, all I really remember was Tom Barrows pulling a 'miller flip" and Clay and Lee Daniels videotaping everything… including someone (me) falling out of the bathroom at Mad Dogs with some un-named waitress still topless, making smooching… I hope that tape disappeared.

Yeah, Les Amis, its a starbucks! jeebus. I know change is good, progress, but 80s austin has become 2005 los angeles.

Last trip out, I met a young lady who was going on and on about how wonderful Austin is, but had never been to Lake Travis, and thought Aquafest was something that happened when it rained.

Interesting that it cuts off at 1982, thus avoiding what I consider to be the true renaissance era of modern poster art in Austin from '84 to '92 through Frank Kozik.

A Jim of Mad Dog & Beans rings a bell for me, spent enough time there drinking Shiner Bock and rereading Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers comics bought from the head shop next door. See what I did there to bring this back relative to the actual post? :smile:

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Jim was the tall dark man who ran the parking lot behind mad dogs. he parked cars, gave tickets, etc. after working the NYT crossword puzzle, in ink, every morning, in about 20 mins.

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