Free: Mammoth Interactive 5-Hour Developer Bundle

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Left out of the post: free only if you share on FB, Twitter or Google+.

It’s not working.
Even after I completed the 2 steps ( “liking” and “sharing” ) , I still have no option to download or add to cart or anything.
The “get it” button doesn’t do anything.

Me too.

Didn’t work for me either. Singing into the BoingBoing store requires either a Facebook account (and for you to turn on a setting within Facebook), or registering with an e-mail address. Then your new store account already has you opted-in to receive store offers by e-mail.

Then to get the bundle, you have a number of obligatory options - so I followed BoingBoing on Twitter (which I’m not interested in doing) and also had to shill the bundle on Twitter, which I did verbatim, with the link that was pasted in for me - and then no bundle was made available. The “Get it” button remained inactive.

Sharing on Google+ (I shared it to my “friends” circle, which contains zero people) seemed to work for me.

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