Free school lunches are not worth the cost, according to rich, out-of-touch pundit Ben Shapiro

I voted for Bernie once but apparently it didn’t work


Can you say “privilege?”


Might I suggest that instead of constantly getting riled up about what idiot flame baiting assholes like this Ben guy say, we come at it from an angle of “this is what your racist relations and/or colleagues will be sharing, so here’s how to defuse them” and rob ol’ Ben of our clicks?

Really, he’s hoping we share it ourselves so that we can get all warm and fuzzy feelings of superiority, he loves seeing us roll our eyes. So let’s work instead on making sure the wannabe libertarians and other selfish types don’t give him attention either, or at least rob them of any motivation to repost his crap on FaceTwit.

Which is why I like this post for cutting to the chase and giving us ammo to do just that. And even the comments here, with a special shout-out to @MonkeyT12 for the historical bit!

So yeah, dog-pile on the caricature of a pundit, as long as I don’t give him any engagement. I hope never to hear from him again.

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Yeah, because it’s people criticizing him and pointing out how he’s spreading bigotry who are the REAL problem… /s