Free shipping for 3D printed Makie dolls


Is there a surcharge for exorcism? (shudder)


I ordered a Makie after seeing this. Had a bit of worry figuring out how to buy both the Makie and my desired accessories, rather than the suggested ones (solution: add the accessories to the cart, then click Buy Me for the Makie)… a bit of confusion in trying to figure out how to choose a name (I guess the naming is random, but enough cycles through the randomizer finally gave me a name I liked)… and some technical trouble when my browser was blocking Javascript from the mailing address verifier and the “Use this address” button wouldn’t go ungreyed. It all worked out in the end, though, and I’m looking forward to adding my Makie to a growing doll collection.

Thank you for this! I just forwarded it on to the Makielab folks.

Damn!! I thought you meant Maakies. Now that would be awesome!!

I run NoScript, and sometimes it takes some experimentation to get sites to function properly. Looks like it was that I had to enable scripts from in order to get the address button to ungrey.

The first issue was probably just paranoia on my part… after creating my Makie, it looked like the only options I had were to proceed to check out with just the Makie, or add one of two accessory packs and then check out. I knew there were at least a couple of accessories I wanted, and I didn’t see any way to select anything else, so I sidestepped and added the things I wanted to the cart first, then checked out, and the accessories were still in the cart.

I had seen the Makies before, both on this site and on a doll forum I frequent. I’m happy to have finally taken the plunge and ordered one.

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