Free: 'The 4-Hour Chef' Audiobook By Tim Ferris

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I’m definitely not going to kill and eat a chef if they take 4 hours to prepare, no matter how happy that guy looks with the Hannibalizer there.

The problem is that Chefs are just too picky, give me the 20 minute insurance salesman any day.


Maybe for his next cookbook he can try a cover that doesn’t make him look like a psycho killer…


Next up: The 4-Hour Hour, with exclusive time compression techniques to achieve 96-hour workdays and retire at the age of 300.

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FOUR Hours?!

I want something to eat, right NOW…

I’m not anti-Tim Ferriss, but I do wonder why anyone would buy a cooking manual from someone who claims to eat the same combination of black beans and spinach every single day.

Note that it isn’t actually free - it’s required that you publicize it to your friends first, liking and commenting on it before even hearing it.

I wrote up a huge long meaningful response with images and descriptions; I can’t post it because it has images and I’m “new”. Even though I was a registered comment-or on their old old system :frowning:

So instead i’ll say this: BB-gear techies may want to patch a hole in submission security. If you manually edit the “disabled=‘disabled’” out of the html you can still submit the form.

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I have a lot of good quality kitchen knifes, but that one looks extremely stabby.

I think that photo is a lot scarier than the frightening clown movie poster.

Click share on Facebook, then limit to sharing with ‘Only me’. Easy fix :slight_smile:

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He looks ready to fit right in on the Sulaco:

I’m just always amazed at how people that need a commercial photo try to do it with their iphone in 5 minutes using ambient light and whatever wrinkled clothing was at the top of the laundry basket that morning.

Like this guy:

  1. Fuck your dumb hipster haircut.
  2. Is that white belt some sort of ironic retro fashion statement or is that really in style?
  3. Nice thalidomide baby arms.
  4. Photoshop fail that your dark shirt is not visible through the holes in the pillow

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