Win the trip of a lifetime by entering the Tim Ferriss around the world giveaway

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win a rare Q&A session with star of The Tim Ferriss Experiment, and author of #1 New York Times Best Seller The 4-Hour Workweek, Tim Ferriss himself. Find out how a four-week trip to Europe changed his life forever, and how to keep your luggage under 10 pounds.

Are people paying big bucks for one-on-one sessions with him now…? I can’t imagine anything I’d care to ask him.

Also, sounds less like a 1-hour session and more like listening to a 1-hour lecture. Which, using astonishing time-saving techniques, can surely be compressed to the space of five minutes!

The $3000 for the trip sounds like it might be only the cost of the plane ticket; you can (barely) go around the world for that, but actually doing anything along the way will cost significantly more. That’s also just for one person. An experience like that is more fun if shared, IMHO.

If I win, I’d like to spend an hour watching @beschizza getting productivity tips from Mr. Ferriss.

I think the fine print says you only spend three hours in each country. But because of Mr. Ferriss’ productivity tips, it’ll feel like eight hours!

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The StackCommerce Sweepstakes (“Sweepstakes”) is open to all humans age 21 or older at time of entry. Residents of Taiwan, South Korea, Portugal, Italy, Austria, China, Russia, Hong Kong, Greece, France, Japan, Spain, and Czech Republic are not eligible to enter or win.

The first sentence makes the second sentence a lie. And me sad. :cry:

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A few years ago, I recall looking closely at some sort of sweepstakes promo being put on by…I believe Taco Bell. IIRC, Canadian customers who claimed a winning ticket had to pass a small math test prior to receiving their award–anybody else catch this? Circa 2000 or so.

That’s a legal artifact here in Canada that still applies. Because games of chance are instruments of the devil, it is necessary for winners of raffles or whatnot to demonstrate a skill - such as answering a small math test.
By demonstrating your prowess at simple arithmetics you have earned your prize and not partaken in the devil’s game. Thus you have not tainted your soul and can still mate with elves or whatever. Or so the original architects of the absurd rule must have imagined.


Something similar in the UK.

It’s like the ‘free prize in random bags of crisps’ - as it’s not a test of skill they can’t require a purchase to enter - that would be gambling. So if you want to, you can write to the manufacturer and ask them to open a bag for you and send the prize if you win. Of course, the cost of sending an SAE to the manufacturer is more than the coat of buying the crisps, but they have to do it. I think they tested it on Watchdog once.

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hee hee

Which, now that I consider it, seems to define skills in the realm of capitalism pretty well.

  1. “Can you divide 16 by 4?”
  2. “Yes, 4 times.”
  3. “You have demonstrated that you have earned this prize of two million dollars by academic prowess. Congratulations, you are a quant.”

Yay, I guess. Perhaps Mr. Fenriss has something productive to add to that equation?

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