Freebird guitar solo, isolated


What I mean is that the musicians trained ear hears distortion as error and frequently can’t get past that. I have had arguments with friends about this.


Huh. When I saw this, I thought it would be cool to hear, but after listening to it… this is one of those tracks that loses something when it’s on its own. It really needs the drums and other backing instruments. Still, I do loves me some “Freebird” :smile:


Mr. Quinn, this is one of the most insightful comments I have read online a long time. I was quite prepared to disagree with you until I listened to the clip, which completely supported your thesis. It is remarkable how differences between two musical acts can seem vast at the time, but then diminish so dramatically over time. This morning, you’ve permanently improved the way I think about music I loved for forty years. Thank you.


I always amazes me that many people these days relegate Skynyrd into the stereotyped shit-kicker category. The solo some see in this thread as “boring”?..obviously never tried in earnest to actually play it.

Skynyrd were huge back in their day, not only for catchy tunes, but these guys were pretty astounding musicians all things considered. Ed King, who left the band early on, is one of the most amazing players you’ll ever see. He took over duties for Allen Collins during the Tribute tour back in 87.

Van Zant’s lyrical writings are FAR and away more deep than “Whats Your Name” and “Gimme Three Steps”. Try listening to “Am I Right or Wrong?”, “The Needle and the Spoon”, or “Am I Losin”. Death and redemption are heavily figured into a lot of his lyrical content. Which is slightly chilling in that he said to many he’d never live to see 30.


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