The 'Free Bird' guitar solo but on bagpipes

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Ally is awesome, and has some of the most expressive eyebrows. Always dig when someone does something truly different with a cover.


One thing about Skynyrd that I always found curious was that they reproduced the songs note for note live. Little to no improvising, the solos you hear on the LP are the solos they play note for note live. For the outro to this song it makes sense, they really nailed it.

Came here to say the same, Ally is awesome and does a lot of great shorts with the bagpipes (she plays a tonne of other instruments too). She seems to also have depleted the planet of metal with the number of medals she’s won in competition.


I hope the “Shipping Down to Boston” tour is in an intimate setting. The Black Rose pub near Faneuil Hall would be nice.

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