Freequences, Alexandre Dubosc's latest mesmerizing "caketrope"

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Just “WOW” is all I have…


This is not the YouTube endless hole I expected to fall down today. Thanks. Maybe.

edit: me fix sentence structure.


Let them eat music!

I love how this emphasizes even further the coolest aspect of a zoetrope - the fact that all the time-states of all the animated objects exist together once it stops spinning. You see the relative distances between key frames in physical space. It’s like seeing time.


I’ve always loved music about food, now I love food about music!

Speaking of the former class, here’s one of my all time favs:



On the food- music theme, there’s Kellis (yes, the ‘Milkshakes’ song Kellis) has a whole album called Food:

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Hell yeah! Added to my music streaming service. I love this track! TY!

Music about food? Here’s one of my favorites:

Crunch, crunch, I don’t want no lunch
All I want is potato chips

I’m eating potato chips right now, in fact! I had potato chips for breakfast, lunch, and dinner today :smile:

Slim Gaillard had a pretty interesting life.


Oh. So THAT’S what happens when cake gets into your stomach.

My wife is a cake decorator and has now vanished down this hole not to be seen for some time.

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I wonder why they questioned his lineage…seemed like a weird thing to do.

That song reminded me of classics containing food as a euphemism. This one is less subtle, but still fun:

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I get to keep my siggie other as long as no-one shows her a quilt-o-trope.


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