French photographer explains how she was able to take photos of Yakuza bosses' wives

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Should be titled “I Give You My Money.” $959.17? Yikes.


Damn, that is playing a long game… :open_mouth:


I don’t know. The wives in the picture don’t look like wives. Tattooed, surely, but not wives.

Art at great expense is in, apparently.

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What exactly are you implying here? What does it mean for a woman to “look like” a wife?


Chloé has a good eye for a photo, definitely, however I’m not so sure I’d like to spend so much time around people I knew were gangsters.
That’s an interesting short film, video can be a really good way to get a feel for an artist’s work.


I see 6 dudes, two children, and no wifes.


Not sure what your implication is. More yakuza wife info:

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This may blow your mind, but there is actually something like a moving picture, or “video” as they call it. Try clicking the triangle symbol on the bottom of the picture with your cursor (that’s the little arrow on the monitor that you can control and move around with your “mouse”.


In my browser (Brave running on Galaxy8) I just got a still image initially. No kind of play button or other interface. When I opened with Chrome then it showed the play button. Enabling all scripts in Brave then showed the play button.
Maybe braunkommando had the same issue?


Strong photos. Romantic gothic dark photos, story. Bar, street. But not the Skytree-built yakuza nor the Tepco-corporate yakuza, political, spy, useful for propaganda yakuza. Not publicly allowed on the grander scales, the repression creates a new industry of shadow-shaders for something ubiquitous. #adelstein #szczepeniak

A Yakuza male has their tattoo’d skin removed from their corpse and displayed in a hall of ancient warriors.

eta… that’s got to be some yuge hall by now.

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