Fresno cops find $1m worth of stolen bees in "beehive chop shop"


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Another example of “if it has value, someone will take it”.



Just guidelines really.


There was a code of honor? To regulate feuds among beekeepers? I must know more!

Like it’s ok to put wacky baccy in a guy’s smoker or put itching powder inside their protective overalls (assuming they’re not manly enough to do without) but YOU DON’T MESS WITH ANOTHER MAN’S BEES?

Plus do only men keep bees in California?


Only 10 years for $1M worth of theft? You can get 10 years for carrying 4oz of weed on you in some states. What the hell.


How do you chop up a hive of bees?


Next on Fox & Friends: Are Russians who steal another man’s bees really committing a crime?


You better bee-lieve it.

Bee-cause you can never Bee too careful.

Like a winged-insect to honey, crooks are to money

:honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee: :honeybee:


And bees to pollen



The industry is dominated by male WASPs.



very carefully


Good. We need all the bees we can get these days.
I hope all the bees now find a good home.


I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again:



Dooon’t stop.

(Sorry that is all I have.)


Take a hive with, say, four boxes. Likely about the bottom two will mostly be brood, the top two honey.

You could split that hive into four single-box hives, rearranging the frames to give each one all the things it needs to survive.

Each one needs a good number of workers, some reserves of honey, and some brood including eggs. In all but one of those new hives, the workers will pick some eggs or very new larvae from the brood comb you give them to raise a new queen.


/watches collection of Likes lose value instantly