Friday earworm: In Hell I'll be in Good Company

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When I was around 17 (40 now) I had Kenny Roger’s “The Gambler” in my head for six months. Then “Can You Feel the Love Tonight” for about the same amount of time right after that. Feels bad, man.

…among other shots…Wascana lake, Trafalgar square fountain at the Sask Legislature, Qu’Appelle Valley, Regina Farmer’s Market on Scarth …etc. Just google it if you really need to know more.

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Canadians eh? Not quite what my biased preconceptions had envisioned.

I counter with Marcus King… (for folks I didn’t quite expect to sound they way they did):


Oh man I was jobesing for an upright bass, but now I just want a shoulder strap for my cello.


just reading those two particular song titles is dangerous. akin to gettin sneezed on. preventative steps underway: lalalalarub ears clapclapclapturn on radi turn on radio

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Check out the Block strap, by the fantastic cellist, Mike Block. Also Rushad Eggleston, for some more awesome cello weirdness.

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“Barbie Girl” downloading in 3, 2, 1…

(Sorry/Not sorry)

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Since it’s Fat Tuesday tomorrow, I’m contently hitting on everything from ashtrays to jam jars in my reach with a spoon and singing Iko Iko. Since about Sunday, 10 am.

I can’t say I’m good company to all people ATM, but for some, this is truly hell.

My grand ma told your grand ma…

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evil evil. luv it/hate it.

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@SeamusBellamy, I don’t think that first link you gave, Dead South, points at what you want it to point to?

Another intriguing music recommendation, though - thanks!

Cellist’s haircut breaks continuity. Fun!

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