Guilty pleasure songs


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Lets make this a separate topic as it isn’t quite the same and not necessarily bad…

Guiltiest pleasure… hmm. Probably ELO. Stupid happy progrock with electric violin. I went to see the Douglas Fairbanks in The Thief of Baghdad at SIFF simply because it was using ELO as the music. (well that and it is a really great film and I wanted to share with my kid who was at good age for that movie)

For songs that will make me head for the earplugs, change the station?
What always comes to mind is anything from Led Zepplin 1 through 4 (or whatever the album titles are). Not that it is bad just that I have heard it all so so so so many times now I just do not need to hear it any more.


I’ve never thought of ELO in general as a guilty pleasure, but this certainly is:


I’ve still got the soundtrack. Anyone else worry about Gene Kelly breaking a hip during his roller skating scenes?


Heroin - The Velvet Underground.
I could listen (and have) to that song on repeat all day long. Near drove a roommate insane once.

I think all my faves are like this tho… I loaded my ipod shuffle (2nd gen, so 2006) with 150 songs… and I’ve never changed it. Still listen to the same songs almost 10 years later. AND the songs were all goth club “hits” from the late 80s early 90s… so… like this… for hours.

Edit to add: I am a terrible Canadian and the sound of Geddy Lee’s voice cause me great anger! noooo Rush, is terrible why do you all like it so much! UGH!


A mind-blowing film. the IMDB reviewer described Fairbanks as dancing his way through the film and it’s completely true. could personally do without an ELO accompaniment, tho. I like that organ music.

[philosophically, I don’t really subscribe to the concept of a “guilty pleasure,” musically or otherwise]


Yeah, don’t feel bad about not enjoying the sound of a cat being strangled.


I don’t know about terrible but I sure don’t like them as much as I used to.


So bad! I don’t get it! Never did!


I suppose the odd Journey or Van Halen song would count as guilty pleasures, but those bands were remarkably good at crafting hooks, so they were not as much guilty pleasures as:

Things that others venerate that make me run away screaming? Too numerous to count. A lot of the Glam Rock that was making the rounds when I was a young man (not Mott the Hoople, but they were borderline Glam at best); a lot of radio-friendly Prog (I’m sorry to say that ELO was part of that, also Boston and Kansas); and so forth.

Note to @Missy_Pants: Rush can be tolerable, notably when Geddy’s voice comes back down from the stratosphere and stays down (which is admittedly a very rare occurrence). When that happens, it becomes obvious that the guys can play, and that Geddy himself is a bassist very much on a level with the late Jack Bruce. So this song, I suppose, might be considered a guilty pleasure. (The song, please to note, not the band. My Rush is Mahogany Rush.)


Me neither. Never could figure out why anyone would want to listen to an entire album of Sammy Hagar, either.

I used to think Queen was a guilty pleasure, then suddenly, their music was all over the place again. Now I’m not so sure there need be any guilt associated with anything I enjoy. I guess that means I’m firmly in teh Oldz. Whatevs. :unamused:


As a drummer, I always get asked about Niel Peart. I never had much appreciation for him until I heard him play some big band standards. It’s not that I didn’t think he was technically good before, it was just, Rush…


I really dug that Blue Cheer song, thanks!


Blue Cheer was… interesting, even the later, more country-sounding stuff. You’re welcome.


There are a bunch – I have them tagged as “pure pretty pop”, but seems to have temporarily gotten rid of a way of easily seeing tags…


Not sure how guilty I feel but…



Oh man I am not sure what screams 70s more, the outfits, the song or the decor.


(Casey) KC’s waistline


His dancing brass guys are good!


I think that the Flash Gordon soundtrack still qualifies…