Friday fun: make a paradox card




Isn’t this more effective with a card that’s the same front and back? At least, using playing cards seems to give away the “trick” at a glance.


The look you are getting is the ‘why-did-you-just-ruin-an-entire-deck-of-cards-and-worse-to-do-so-while-still-completely-failing-to-understand-the-concept-and-meaning-of-the-word-paradox’. But I suppose that could be valuable on some level.


Not the entire deck, just one card. The other 51 can still be used for a nice game of Solitai… oh.


You could play 'til dawn.


A slightly overly long video showing how to make them, for any that can’t figure it out.


Slim Goodbody and the Cap


Wow. Captain Kangaroo. Been a long time since I thought of him.


I still think of him every day.


Paradox: n. 1. Anything confusing to a small child for a short period of time. 2. An object or effect that is cool. 3. A product in need of a marketing boost.


“This is something the guys from Bicycle posted onto their website.”

So yes, this is a guide from a company that makes playing cards on how to ruin a playing card. Better go buy some more!


Tell them you just need a three of spades.


Agreed - using a playing card ruins the paradox illusion.


Where’s the illusion even with a card printed the same on both sides? It’s just a couple cuts and some bends.


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