Gentleman shows off his deck of "found" playing cards, Reddit accuses him of fraud


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People are odd.


I feel like it would be easier to actually make a deck than to waste the time to photoshop these cards. Combined with the time to come up with the idea. I wish I had this amount of time to waste.



And to still get it wrong.



Ah! Thanks for the info. Damnit, now I’m glad someone called him out.


Here’s the part I don’t get:

  • Post a fake awesome thing on the internet.
  • People say wow.
  • But it’s not like they know you, or will ever meet you.
  • Proved fake!!1!
  • But it’s not like they know you, or will ever meet you.

Really, where’s the payoff? Do you think, one day, people will be sitting around a bar, discussing “All Your Base Are Belong to Us,” and you’ll say, “yea, I made that,” and they’ll say wow?


If i met the guy that made All Your Base i would definitely say wow :smiley:

This card shit? It’s like… whatever man.


But, you see, you won’t.


I went to the thread and saw that there seems to be a reasonable explanation for this. (Cards scanned separately, then organized to make a poster with confusing aesthetic choices.)

Then I wondered why I was being sent to a completely random and pointless internet argument on Reddit from Boing Boing, let alone coming back here to post about it.

Then I figured I may as well just browse Reddit if I want to read all the Reddit arguments, but then I tried to remember why it was that I try to stay out of Reddit arguments and read Boing Boing instead.

Now I’m going to lunch.


Well, he was selling prints of the poster and replica decks. So I wouldn’t say there was no reason.


It was a cool idea though.


Yep. There’s always one joker in the deck.


Give it a name.


Huh… I was expecting something more mathsy, one of those “estimated frequency of card pickups vs steadily decreasing chance of finding a card you need means it’s negligibly probable for this to take less than a million years” sort of things. But that’s just some sloppy hoaxing right there.


Reddit now thinks it’s genuine:




Unless you’re spending a lot of time in Vegas nightclub back alleys.