Friday the 13th prequel series in the works

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Thursday the 12th


Tuesdays with Morrie… and Jason


It’s ki-ki-ki, ma-ma-ma. Talk to the composer.


Wasn’t there just a post on this on BB?

Oh, I see there was.


Or :yum:

Actually, I could see that playing over a montage of Young Jason.

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Is it just a How It’s Made episode about hockey masks?


Yep, came here for this. Kudos, sir!

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I’m over any more “Jason” movies; full stop.

That said, a series focusing on the life and origin of the original killer, Pamela Vorhees, (Jason’s mom) could be very good IF it was done well.

Somehow, I really doubt that’s what this new offering will be, unfortunately.

Chuh ch-chuh chuh


Yeah, I was just thinking about how, given the continuity of the movies is completely banjaxed, with the first movie having a completely different premise to the other films (although really there are really at least three different, contradictory premises for the films in the series), a prequel series could be about almost anything, depending on which film premise gets used as the reality for the show - Pamela Vorhees (who may or may not be a future killer), Jason Vorhees (same), their cousin Ed… or an actual series about the lake itself that has absolutely nothing to do with anyone in that family. Given that it’s Bryan Fuller involved, it… still could be about anything, really.

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Jason In the Multiverse of Madness!


Personally, I’d watch Fishing with Jason.

:musical_note:Out on the water…


The comic book back story for Pamela is actually pretty interesting, and would make a good stand alone narrative on it’s own, but as I said, I highly doubt that’s the direction the producers took.

It makes too much sense.


There is a comic book backstory about Pamela?!?
I know what I’m buying this weekend!

I will never get sick of slasher movies. I love every Halloween movie (except 3 wtf was that). I am maybe the only person who LOVES Freddy vs Jason. I hope they honestly never stop making this glorious trash. I’ll be there in my wheelchair for “Halloween 65: Michael Myers great great great grandson returns” or some horseshit.

Will it end up having anything to do with the movies? I still remember the so called “Friday the 13th” series that was just a team finding and claiming cursed artifacts. Other than the name, I don’t recall seeing any episode that actually connected to the movies.

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