Jason Voorhees, unmasked


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Slash left :blush:


Thanks for that, don’t want too much peace of mind now.


So, are you insinuating that Voorhees is a Time Lord?






:no_entry: Possibly time lapse effect of Crystal Meth addiction. :no_entry:


Hey, the fellow in #5 (A New Beginning) wasn’t Jason.


Pamela > Jason, always


Spoilers for 38-year-old movie series that doesn’t care about plot or continuity

Yeah, it’s weird they didn’t include her, the OG Friday the 13th killer, but they have the fake Jason. And various dream-sequence-Jasons from the movies he’s not in, including Jason from the first movie, even though he isn’t even the same character as he was in subsequent films. He was actually an innocent kid (who shows up as an apparent threat at the end only in a dream sequence).

But I guess trying to come up with rules about this, given the nature of the series, is going to be a random affair anyways. I mean, in the first movie, Jason is just the reason for all the killings, having by drowned by the camp counselors’ inattention.
In the second movie, the filmmakers decided that Jason had apparently been living at the bottom of the lake for years; he’s then apparently killed, but isn’t actually, even though he really should have been. [The special effects in the second movie are really bad compared to the first because they couldn’t get back Tom Savini, who had read the script and said, “No, this is stupid.”]
In the third movie, he’s now wearing a hockey mask - as a disguise? So when people see a hulking serial killer, they’re not, “Hey, it’s that other hulking serial killer whose body was never found!” Because that’s really important, I guess. At the end, he’s killed.
In the fourth movie, he gets better.
Jason is definitely dead in the fifth movie, and the killings are perpetrated by random dude.
In the sixth movie, his dead body is hit by lightning so now he’s a Frankenstein. After that, the filmmakers decided, “Fuck it, he’s a zombie or whatever. Who gives a shit.” Except for “Jason X” where he’s also a terminator.

I have to say, the Friday the 13th series is one where reading about it is infinitely more entertaining than actually watching it.


Have I ever mentioned how much I fluv Tom Savini?

And regarding the hockey mask, I remember the origin of that; some awkward misfit with a warped sense of humor had it, and Jason took it off him when he killed him.

No idea why he felt the need to hide his face if he’s an undead ghost, but whatevs.

Don’t even get me started on that horrible shit, which I saw for free because I worked at a video store. That was by far the dumbest offering of the whole franchise, and you know that’s really saying something.

There was a tv series I actually liked, completely unrelated to the Jason lore:



Okay… not quite that much.

Put it away, ‘Sex Machine’; cover that up.


Cylinders aren’t functionally connected to the barrel. Dude must be shooting blanks. That’s responsible gun ownership right there.



He wasn’t yet an undead ghost at that point - just a deformed, apparently amphibian serial killer with a hell of a constitution. I guess he was also self-conscious. Or the filmmakers wanted to show him without having to splash out for the facial FX. One of those.

I liked it too. I tend to even forget that it was called Friday the 13th as I don’t associate the tv and movies series - despite the fact that their mutual producer was clearly trying to imply a connection (right down to similar title fonts) that wasn’t there.

I never saw more than some small bits of Jason X (more than enough), so I failed to notice that David Cronenberg is in it. He has the weirdest actor filmography. So many weird, random cameos.


Consider yourself both wise and fortunate; I still want my wasted 90 minutes back.


Thinking on it, I’m pretty sure that, bits and pieces of various movies aside, I never saw more than the whole of one of the Friday the 13th movies. (I think it was 4, in that he was already effectively undead but the series wasn’t admitting it yet.) It was more than enough.


I was an 80’s kid, proper; so unfortunately, I’ve seen most of them in their entirety, at least up to the 8th one.

Then, it was ‘a thing’ to go see Freddy vs Jason in the theater, even though that long awaited match-up was severely underwhelming.

After Jason X, I’ve never watched another new one; I was done. I haven’t seen any other entries or remakes.

But I did show my kid the original recently, and it still holds up as the best of them all… which, admittedly, isn’t saying a whole lot.


True dat.
I would say that the best installments are those that feature the least amounts of actual Jason, i. e. pt 1 and 5. Probably because that premise at least allows for a couple of actual plot twists.