Why did anyone watch 'Friday the 13th'?

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“You may only see it once, but that will be enough.”

Some self-awareness from the advertising, there, not just about the film, but also predicting the superfluousness of all the - often indistinguishable - sequels.

Fun fact, the woman crashing through the window at 1:23 is actually the FX artist Tom Savini in a wig. He also worked as a stuntman.

ETA: Here he is prepping for the stunt. Obviously a dead-ringer for the actress:


2nd fun fact. Geraldine Ferraro has an uncredited cameo as Camper #3 in the opening montage in the movie–she’s the camp counselor who can’t get the can of beans open and then ends up spilling them on her tits.


Of Mondale/Ferraro fame?!? Wow!


Eh. Not that special a trailer, but not that bad either.


Speaking from experience, as a small kid, these movies terrified me. They were forbidden, gory fare, and if you could manage watching them, then you had some guts (and could describe all the bloody deaths to your young friends at recess). As I got older, my interest in them waned until one day I realized something. . .I hated the teenagers. At best, they were pathetic stereotypes and at worst, they were just selfish brats. Except for perhaps one, who maybe (and this is a generous “maybe”) elicited enough sympathy that you didn’t want to see them die.

But the rest, oh my god, morons! Jerkoffs! Dumbasses! Utter wastes of youth! As soon as you want them stabbed, ‘Friday the 13th’ and its many, many sequels become a delight! You know Jason is going to deliver on the bloody goods, you just don’t know how, yet.

And there’s always the chance of a special bonus in the Ft13th cereal box: Jason unmasked, and progressively grodier with each movie!


So, she took time off from the House of Representatives to appear in a low-budget horror movie? Neat!


Holy cow - never realized that was Kevin Bacon. I only saw the movie once as a kid so it never registered. The whole “Six Degrees of Bacon” thing really works.


I was a Freddy Krueger fan for a movie or two, that was about it for me and slasher. Never got it the genre as a whole

Alternatively a movie like Midsommar will have me enthralled for days. I need more plot line I guess, where slasher is just blank canvas brutal “we all die someday” feed.


Just don’t.


And played a teenager at the age of 45!


I’ve always been wondering why the one teenage couple that has sex will be the first to be murdered in this kind of movie. I guess, I am beginning to understand what’s behind this unwritten rule…


The Cabin in the Woods. Has nobody here seen that? It explains everything about this post. Just ask Sigourney Weaver.


I remember being terrified as a kid by one of the spoof films - I think it was “Saturday the 14th?” There was a scene of a woman in a bathtub, with her legs spread open, and a Jaws-type shark coming up between them. Obviously not a great movie for 7 or 8 year old to watch but shit happens when you have an older brother. And that just terrified me for a while, even though I remember KNOWING it was ridiculous.


Are you kidding? You do remember 1980 right? That trailer is fantastic and I would go see that movie today based on that (OK, I would probably refer to critics first, but it would definitely make me seek out said critical opinion).


Tom Savini is totally a BAMF; that is all.

This was the movie that started 6 Degrees of Kevin Bacon; he’s been working pretty much nonstop ever since - seriously, google his IMBD and you’ll have to scroll down repeatedly to see all his credits.


aka TVTropes— the movie.

He clearly was doing whatever was required for a lot of these low-budget movies at the start of his career, including all the stunt work. (It’s just now that I realized he was also playing the killer throughout the first Friday the 13th until the final reveal, which is why the killer is so clearly male up until that point. I don’t think that was the only movie where that was true, either.)

But it’s funny to see all the pictures of him on set in those early films, playing multiple roles on top of the FX work, e.g. Dawn of the Dead, where he’s got a speaking role as an evil biker, in addition doing stunt work as multiple zombies, including the stunt work for an actress, complete with blond wig… and his trademark big black mustache.

It was nice to see his cameo in the new Locke and Key series on Netflix, especially as he’s name-checked in both comic and adaptation. (Which was a little more personal than I realized - I never knew Joe Hill was in Creepshow as a child, where he apparently was looked after by Tom Savini on set.)


In this movie, Mrs. Voorhees is murderously pissed at the camp counselors being too busy screwing to have prevented her son from being bullied to death, so they got it first. But generally that wasn’t really true for the original teen slasher movies. As John Carpenter put it, teenagers tend to have sex, and that’s also a time when they’re vulnerable, so sex-having teenagers ended up being slaughtered at some point, but it wasn’t intended as any kind of message or a deliberate part of the formula until later films that slavishly aped movies like Halloween and Friday the 13th.

I wonder how much of that was deliberate and how much was just bad writing. (Especially since so many characters seemed like they were intended to be funny but just came across as incredibly obnoxious in these kinds of films.)


Why did anyone watch ‘Friday the 13th’?

For seeing it in the theater:
•No Netflix in 1980
•Pre-cable tv for 75% of people.
•Pre-VCR for almost everyone
•Maybe you didn’t own a 2600
•Pre-multiplex in a lot of places; it might have been only movie playing
answer: what else was there to watch?

then later, when everyone had cable:
answer: It was on ALL THE FRIGGIN’ TIME