From indignant outrage to courtroom sobbing: Devin Sloane sentenced to 4 months in prison for college admissions fraud

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Sloane choked back sobs in front of the judge, saying “he was doing what he thought was best for his son,”

That seems to be the line they’re all taking, as if their dimwit kids weren’t already swimming in college admissions advantages that were totally legal.


But Your Honor- my family has had unfair advantages for generations. How was I to know this was wrong?


An appropriate sentence would have been a mandatory weekly water polo at the Y.


For me the real scandal is that a college would even consider water polo, or any achievement in sports, for the admission of students. They should look at the grades only, period.


I’ve never understood the U.S. system of admitting students to a school on the base of their sports chops. Over here that only helps you to get in a sports school, where they train you to be an athlete. It’s like admitting people to a baseball team because they are good at writing.


You mean, one can get into USC by just by playing water polo? If you add French horn and Italian, I guess you’ve got a major. (obscure Firesign Theater reference)

The kid will never live it down. Thanks, Dad.

I hope the kid’s name isn’t Marco.

Which they should totally do.

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Same where I live. Only the grades count, and because universities are essentially free, the wealth of the parents is irrelevant. I was very lucky, we were poor and i so sucked at any sport.

Schadenfreude and all that, but on the other hand, a polluter over here falsifies emissions records and gets fined and shut down. Kind of doubt we’ll see the operators sobbing as 20-year sentences are handed down:

Northern Metals’ Minneapolis facility shut down after company admits to altering pollution records

Chuck Laszewski, a spokesman for the Hennepin County Attorney, said that no criminal case has been submitted to them by law enforcement or investigators. But he said “we stand ready to review it and consider charges,” should any be referred to them.

As punishment to the schools that admit these brats, they should be forced to join the team and play these sports that they’ve never played in their lives. Let the schools’ win-loss records be testaments to their rigorous admissions processes.

Although it would be cruel to all the horses this Sloane kid drowns while trying to play water polo :confused:


The problem with that is that if you got one C in high school, you’d have to start considering Ohio State.

“The crime that’s at issue in all of these cases is not basic caretaking for your child. It’s not getting your child food or clothing. It’s not even getting your child a college education,” she said. “It’s getting your child into a college that might be called exclusive. Are they doing that for their children, or are they doing it for their own status?”

Bingo. I know it’s easy to look at these kids as entitled rich brats and there is absolutely no denying the privileges they grew up with. But I wonder how many of these kids were as obsessed with getting in to an elite school as their parents were with getting them in to an elite school? How many of them knew and approved of what their parents were doing? Maybe some of them would have been perfectly happy going whatever school would take them based on their real merits. It must sting to learn that your parents had so little faith in you that they felt they had to do something like this. I’d be crushed.

Edited to add: although in THIS case, it’s probably hard to claim ignorance when Dad is asking you to pose in the backyard pool with gear from a sport you’ve never played.

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