From the backyard to your desk, this infectious hook and ring game will keep you entertained

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I don’t know that “infectious” is a great way to sell people on your product in this day & age…


I like to play ring toss the old fashioned way.


So how much is this game at the hardware store? It’s literally just a screw hook, a metal ring and some string, right?


This made me laugh out loud.

For those who never watched Schlag den Raab, back in 2014 this was one of the games and is probably the most infamous. It was the end, matchball time, whoever won this won the game. Millions of euros were on the line…

I won’t spoiler it, but “Ringing the Bull” was probably the most tortuous hour of television I ever watched.

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$2-3 max, or $0 if you have a well-stocked parts cab in your workshop


Yep! We call it “idiot’s delight”, best $2.25 I have spent!


They had one of those set up in the Neptune, a bar near the beach in Wilmington, NC - we’d convene there in thevenings to drink and play - until someone inevitably got hit in the face and then we’d just huddle at the bar and snicker at new arrivals who’d get clothes lined when they wandered past it. Fun for the whole family.

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