From the empty, shutdown IRS, automated processes are sending out property seizure notices, and no human can stop them


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Are we all tired of the winning yet?


People keep telling me, “You just want to see Trump fail!”

I keep agreeing with them, considering this is what his idea of “success” looks like.


Time to become a citizen of Mr. Lee’s Greater Hong Kong (not to be confused with the former British colony of similar name). They, at least, know how to run things.


“See? Told you government is the problem and taxation is theft!” said the conservative as his group continued defunding the government and the IRS.


…and here we all assumed skynet would originate from some DOD project. Surprise! Its the IRS!

Seriously,though, Trump’s assertion is that people crossing the border illegally do in fact cause some kind of harm to the US. It’s not a zero amount of harm.

And the government shutdown is also causing harm to the US.

If someone were to compare these dollar amounts, they could guesstimate the point in time when those numbers would be equal.

I wish the press corps would pose that question to the white house. I wish the newspapers would churn those numbers.

My personal guesstimate is that the shutdown passed the illegal immigrants at maybe the ten minute mark. Certainly within the first two days.


FWIW, I’m going through this exact thing right now. I haven’t got the forfeiture/garnish note yet (this year), but I’ve gotten a missed payment notification with an escalating late payment penalty attached.

And they DID manage to cash my check.

Both events (the invoice and the cashed check) happened during the shutdown.


Document everything, hire a lawyer if you can afford one, look into starting a class action suit if you can’t, and get ready to sue.


In addition to what @Melz2 said, send a certified letter to the IRS in response to the notice contesting it in light of the shutdown. If you have an attorney, pay him to draft it. Provide a copy of the cashed cheque and invoice. Copy it to your accountant. Do this ASAP.

It’s going to be a hassle to untangle no matter what, but if you have your paper trail laid down (even if the letter is returned because no recipient was available) it will always make things easier with a big bureaucracy.


38 indictments and 8 prison sentences [and counting] is the Trumpanzie definition of winning…


I’m not in such dire and terrifying straits, but just got my W2 an found myself wondering if it’s better to do my taxes tomorrow and end up on top of the backlog? Or take the risk that there’s a hitch in the process since no one is checking mailboxes and maintaining databases?


But potentially being whacked in tax disputes, seemingly without recourse, adds a twinge of unfairness into the mix.

Come on. Do you really think the Robot Overlords are going to come foreclose your house without a human getting involved? Really?


Let’s start with a class action lawsuit against Fox and Friends.


This is insane.


And yet completely expected.


This is literally the opposite of making America great again.


Is it just me or has Mitch McConnell been curiously silent for the last couple of weeks?



Border wall? Who needs a border wall when you’ve got a Rat Thing?


Obviously they’re not going to send a robot to a door to kick you out, they’ll send people. But there’s no reasoning with those people at your door, they will simply do what the paperwork tells them to.