Shut It Down

After trying to force Dems to damn either CHIP recipients or DACA protectorates, Republicans took their ball and went home. While singing all the way to the bank, presumably: Republicans have both their precious taaaax rebates for the 1% AND 100K/head fundraisers secured.

Eat the rich.


But this is the first time in history there’s been a shutdown when one party controlled the White House and both chambers of Congress.

Good thing Trump didn’t base his entire candidacy on his supposed deal-making prowess or this would be a really awkward turn of events for the first anniversary of his inauguration.


It’s also the earliest in a presidency that the government has ever shut down.


FFS, Schumer came at him putting the stupid border wall on the table and Trump wouldn’t budge.

Some deal maker.


I actually LOL’d when I was flipping through channels and saw the take this week on Fox News.

“Why do the Democrats want to take money from veterans and give it to illegals?”

Uh, wut?


The best part: the troops aren’t getting paid this time around. Last time, Obama saw to it they did. #Republicans #SupportOurTroops




It’s been utterly weird seeing screenshots and such of right-wing news takes on this event, with Mitch McTurtle yelling about Democrats killing kids and FOX saying this is clearly the fault of the Democrats and that America knows it’s all their fault, etc.

Guys. What America (most of it) sees is that the Republicans control both houses of Congress and that we have a “deal making” Republican President – and you bungled things so badly that it shut the government down.

And it was your choice to let CHIP lapse. You can restart it anytime you want. It’s essentially free. Trump can take care of DACA with the stroke of a pen – it was an executive order in the first place. You’re literally just being dicks, and that’s what most of America sees.


But, hey, national parks are staying open (with no rangers, toilets, or other staff). That’s what really counts, right?


Both of them.


Indeed. I was watching CNN last night when the shutdown hit and after McTurtle did his bullshit speech my jaw hit the floor when Schumer said the stupid wall was actually on the table.

I’m hoping this was actually strategy to make Trump look like more of an idiot (“we tried to give you wall and you still said no”).

At this point I just don’t know what to think.


I think that was the case, honestly. I’m no Schumer fan, but his quote was something like “It’s like trying to negotiate with a bowl of Jell-O. We even mentioned the wall but he still said no.” It comes off as weasely and self destructive but it also shows how crappy at this stuff Trump is, which is his point.


You’re missing the part where shutting the government down has never, ever worked to get a bill passed. The only scenario when shutdown works is when a party tries to add some sort of poison-pill to the budget, like banning abortion–then shutdown works, because the budget doesn’t pass until the extra stuff is removed and a “clean” budget is voted on.

It feels good now, but every day that passes gives more hostages to the Republicans, because they don’t want these programs in the first place. Who benefits from the EPA not running? Another bargaining chip. Who benefits from the Department of Labor being moth-balled? Another bargaining chip. The underlying procedural check of having Congress sign off on a budget was intended to put a check on use of the military, but the underlying law lacks the teeth to make that happen, so the irony is that the military will be the last thing to shut down, while Republicans get a bus full of hostages. This is an asymmetrical fight, my dudes, and the only way to solve the problem is to actually turn out (instead of the usual, which sees 1-in-3 presidential voters flaking on mid-term elections) and kick that scum out 10 months from now.


Is PubMed important ?

Because of a lapse in government funding, the information on this website may not be up to date, transactions submitted via the website may not be processed, and the agency may not be able to respond to inquiries until appropriations are enacted.

I mean … asking for a friend.


What I really love is the R’s idea of “bipartisan cooperation” is “Dems come to our side” versus, you know, finding some fucking common ground and compromising a little.


The worst part is that it appears to be working. Indications are that the Dems are blinking first.



Congressional D’s being spineless?


Really? Schumer is actually trusting McTurtle here? After he burned his own party over promised concessions after the Corporate/1%er tax cuts were passed?

He didn’t say “Goodwill of the Republicans”… did he?

He did?

Guillotines for all!


… and throughout all of this, I have to wonder where 45 and his awesome deal making prowess was?

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