#Shutdown to end, Senate votes to reopen government, #Dreamers in limbo


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The answer is within the question, so to speak:

Democrats agreed to vote with Republicans to fund the government through February 8, in exchange for the GOP’s promise, for whatever it’s worth, to address the fate of young undocumented immigrants born in the United States who have become known as “Dreamers.” Their fate is not yet known.

Trump …

“I am pleased that Democrats in Congress have come to their senses,” Trump said in a statement. “We will make a long term deal on immigration if and only if it’s good for the country.”


They aren’t born in the US, if they were, they would be citizens. They were born elsewhere but they grew up here and know no other home.

But, being non-citizens, they are deported by ICE because if the ICE agents don’t get in their daily quota of cruel and inhumane activities they could lose their membership in the National Society of Villainous Bureaucrats.


They never learn. The fact that the Dems just allowed this to be framed as the “Schumer Shutdown” when this is the first one where both the Legislative and Executive branches are controlled by the GOP doesn’t give me a lot of hope for their performance in the midterms.


So anyone willing to bet Congress can get its act together in the next two and a half weeks? Or are we going to be in this very same situation, just a little older, when this Band-Aid falls off?


Only if they made the GOP double pinky swear.


Any suitable candidate will do. And really, what the U.S. needs is fewer physicians.




Shame it isn’t a contract as Libertarians are all about the sanctity of contracts and stuff.


This is a victory for no one. What a bunch of performative bullshit.

Luckily I don’t think anyone serious buys Trump’s particular spin on events…At least I hope they don’t. At any rate, everyone will walk away (for two weeks) thinking the other guy blinked.


No, Xeni…it wasn’t a Democratic Party-led filibuster. The vote didn’t pass on Friday/Saturday and the government shut down. The vote wasn’t delayed by debate.

“A filibuster is a political procedure where one or more members of parliament or congress debate over a proposed piece of legislation so as to delay or entirely prevent a decision being made on the proposal.”


In other words we bend over again

ETA: HTF do you blur an image?


The Dems always fold like pros.



My senators split on this; I just phoned the one who voted with the GOP to indicate my disgust. His father was a man of great courage which apparently did not pass to his son, a Democrat in a very safe seat not up for reelection until 2023. I’m heartbroken (though not entirely surprised).


Mich McConnell had this gem:

“I think if we’ve learned anything during this process it’s that a strategy to shut down the government over the issue of illegal immigration is something that the American people didn’t understand.”

What a disingenuous asshole.




A promise is a promise.

I’m laughing my ass off over here.


Yes it was a filibuster. They are no longer required to actually debate anything. But it was a filibuster, that is why it needed 60 votes to pass. It really needed 60 votes to close debate because of the filibuster, but now a days short hand is used, just like there is no need for a “talking” filibuster anymore. It is assumed that it will happen if someone declares they will filibuster the bill, so no need to actually go through with it.


Good job, Democrats. (x-post from A round up of Trumpian events 🖕🍊🤡)