U.S. government to shut down today unless last-minute deal reached

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Since the MAGAts are shutting down the government not to advance any particular policy agenda, but rather because they think it’s funny, there’s no halt condition. Which means that I expect this shutdown to extend far past the point where many of us are forward-funded (not to mention those who are being hung out to dry without any forward-funding, or work they can still do).

Something’s got to be done about these assholes. Damned if I know what, though.


The fascists will not agree to anything in their worship of their orange messiah. Buckle up, folks, it gets interesting from her on out. And I hate interesting.


Farmers get screwed also. Small red farming towns are pretty reliant on government checks


This will hurt millions of Americans, many of whom aren’t directly employed by government. But the fasci right doesn’t care, they’ll happily tank the economy because they think it’ll help Trump next year. The longer McCarthy puts being speaker over doing what’s best for the people of this country, the longer this will go on.


Establish social chaos, blame the other-side, declare that you’ll (violently) restore “our sort of” order: Steve Bannon (reading ‘mein kampf’ next to his toilet) → trump (who thinks it’ll derail the numerous legal proceedings against him) → Gaetz/MTG/et.al. And it all comes down to that single spineless solipsistic schlemiel, McCarthy to re-broker some strange deal to delay the chaos a bit more. What an utterly moronic situation -sigh-

On The Brink Of Shutdown, McCarthy Pivots To 45-Day Plan Relying On Democratic Help

Republican lawmakers met behind closed doors early in the morning with hours to go before the midnight deadline needed to fund government operations or face a federal closure. source


Start cuts in their districts and states first? Put their names on it: This hospital closed for you by MTG! Your farming subsidies have been suspended for you by Lauren Boebert (etc).


“Start?” Once midnight hits, without a deal in place, everything non-essential stops. No more checks in the mail, no government offices open, billions of dollars in ongoing experiments ruined, and so on. Good news, though, the federal court system is considered essential enough that there is permanent funding for ongoing special prosecutions, such as the Trump trials. They won’t be delayed at all by this. But there is no slow-rolling this – once the clock reads 00:00, it all hits all at once.


It’s trivial inconvenience compared to what others will be facing (including my wife, who is a Federal employee) but I’m ticked off that my plans to visit a National Park in a couple weeks to view that eclipse will probably be ruined. I mean, just look at this cool poster! It looks like a mix between the Wile E. Coyote landscape and an alien planet.


It’s not just that. They think it will reflect badly on the party in power, the Democrats. They are probably partly right. There is a significant segment of people completely out of touch with what is going on, and any time things go bad they just blame the president.

Anyone who thinks about it for a minute will see it’s a failure of a fractured Republican party.


i’m not sure the other republicans care either. they’ve been happy enough to shutdown the government in the past. and they’re generally really keen on cutting social programs as much as they can, and then decrying how ineffective government is

i’m sure most of them are happy to have someone to blame while gloating about the results to their donors.

mccarthy could pass the biden agreement right now, he’s choosing not to. and while it only takes 1 member to oust mccarthy, i don’t see any of them stepping up. ( not until the stock market bottoms out come monday )


Remember, these aren’t “conservatives” and I wish people would stop calling them this. There’s nothing conservative about government shutdowns. If anything they are extremely expensive and wasteful. Not to mention completely avoidable.

These are people who only want to burn the government to the ground and replace it with an oligarchy.


Marge is being praised by her followers because she said she was not going to take a paycheck during the shutdown but she didn’t say if she’d take the back pay once the shutdown ends.

She also never offered any suggestions on what regular people, that are not worth millions, should do.


Here is an interesting message for the right-wingnuts from Beau.


At least the Department of Agriculture states that SNAP recipients will get their food credit through October, but it’s worrisome for the long run. :pensive:


… AFAIK it takes one member to call a vote on it

It would still take a majority to fire him as Speaker


There is a livestream of the house right now happening…


I just saw a bill passed and then they adjourned. Do we know what was in it?

Answering my own question:


They passed a 45 day continuuing resolution
Dems conceded on Ukraine funds


Whenever I watch this stuff, I always end up more confused than when I started! The raw stuff can be hard to follow… here is the CNN live blog:

But as @Scientist noted, no Ukraine funding… let’s hope that’s not a poison pill for the senate…

Pop Tv GIF by Schitt's Creek

And now, over to the senate…

Which is just a live stream of senate pages right now? :thinking: