GOP leader McCarthy cuts deal with Dems to avert government shutdown; Gaetz vows to oust him

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The only person surprised that the fascists he cut a deal with to become Speaker are now trying to oust him is the dummy himself.


If he was going to make this deal - that he knew was going to cause him even more heartache from the House Crazy Caucus - did he only go for a 45-day deal? Bite the bullet, Kevin, and save the country from these morons for a whole year (ish). Why make us all go through another potential hostage taking episode right before xmas? I honestly can’t take reading another Washington Post or NY Times “think” piece about “will there be another shutdown?”


It should be easier to “vacate” the positions of the individuals who can opt to take paid leave instead of performing their elected duties. We shouldn’t have to wait until the next election. Pull the band-aid off now.


45 days may have been the longest he could get the “more reasonable” elements of his party to agree to, and the Democrats may not have been ready to agree to a deal that ended funding for Ukraine for a year or more.

McCarthy isn’t a very strong or effective leader, but the clown show surrounding his election to the speakership showed that Gaetz & company don’t exactly have a nominee in the wings who is likely to do any better.


Gaetz is all mouth and no trousers.


new leadership that can be trustworthy

It took what… 15 votes to get McCarthy elected, and he had to bend over backwards to get the job? No one else even came close. It’ll be a dysfunctional House for the next year plus if they manage to oust McCarthy.

He’s not going to get ousted.He’ll cut a deal and get just enough Dem support to keep him in charge until Jan 2025. We’ll see what form that deal takes when it comes to funding the government going forward.


McCarthy is quoted a saying he “likes to gamble.”

Writing his own challenger’s attack ads.


Presuming that sufficient “moderate” republicans will not cross to hand the speakership to Hakeem Jeffries, the Democrats could do worse than a deal to furnish exactly the votes necessary to re-elect mccarthy, if he agrees (signing in blood) to do stuff, like, for instance: putting a kibosh on impeaching Biden. That is, there’s clearly enough room in that flaccid puppet for more than one hand; and keeping mccarthy from a chaos caucus termination would go far to deflate their overinflated reach.


Can’t wait until he’s all orange jumpsuit.


I think we need to move on with new leadership that can be trustworthy

This is probably the only thing that the Democrats and Gaetz will ever agree on. I was listening to MSNBC throughout the day yesterday during the drama, and that as the point that Democratic House members kept making over and over, that they cannot trust McCarthy after he went back on the debt limit spending limits and the “no impeachment investigation without a vote” sop to the MAGAts.


“If he knew it was coming, why did he do it?”

A) It was coming anyway, the second he didn’t give the Lunatic fringe what they wanted. THAT was inevitable.

B) It demonstrates that the not so crazy Republicans can shut down the crazy ones if they truly choose to.

C) Knowing that watching the Republicans oust him and then having to pick a new Speaker could only result in someone weaker or crazier, the Democrats might be able to shut down the crazies again, and still hold enough leverage over McCarthy to keep him from playing games with the MAGA Nuts again.

D) Maybe McCarthy learned something from this MAGA experience that Stephen King wrote down years ago: “holding a conversation with a not-quite-two-year-old was a little bit like trying to play cribbage with a lunatic; the cards kept going everywhere and sometimes you found yourself pegging backwards.”


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If they go through the same shitshow again, I wouldn’t be surprised to see a Dem Speaker presiding over a GOP-majority House, albeit temporarily. That or they could bring back Liz Cheney… :rofl:


I would have trouble believing McCarthy didn’t see this coming if it weren’t for the parade of folks in that party being constantly surprised about the face- eating leopards over the last few years (decades? centuries?)

The biggest surprise to me is how long the leopards waited.


McCarthy isn’t trustworthy but Democrats may still prefer to parlay with him than with other elements of his party simply because he’s a comparatively rational actor. So they can’t trust him to keep a promise but they can usually count on him to act out of self interest instead of cutting off his own nose to spite his face.

It’s like negotiating with the Penguin vs. the Joker. He’ll stab you in the back the moment he finds it convenient but he probably won’t set piles of his own money on fire just for a laugh.


Did this deal cut aid to Ukraine?

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Yes, it was left out. McCarthy claims he plans to bring a bill to the floor to fund Ukraine next week. I’m sure that won’t be overshadowed by Gaetz’s grandstanding BS…


And McCarthy’s supporters are now trying to oust Gaetz:

It’s like rats fighting in a sack - only without the dignity.