President changes his mind again, tells Congress he won't sign stopgap budget without funding for wall

If most Senators hadn’t already left for the recess, they would have enough votes to override a veto.

Meanwhile, Bob Corker basically flipped his colleagues the bird and drove home laughing.


If I were a Republican, right now I’d be wondering if it was wise to hire a guy who’s so insecure and weak that he does what Fox News tells him to. In this case, Trump’s basically cancelling Christmas. That’ll be popular!


On the contrary, I suspect that they are totally jazzed that he’s making this stand.

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I think you’re both right. Any Republicans who pause to actually think about what Trump is saying and doing will be alarmed and worried. But an awful lot of them won’t be doing that, and just reflexively cheering Cheeto on.


A lot of Congressional Republicans are pissed. They had a deal, and he reneged. Wall Street is flipping out. Any Republican who collects a salary from the government is going without a paycheck, during the holidays. Get this - as Trumplestiltskin goes on vacation to Mar-a-lago, the Secret Service will be protecting him while unpaid.


Screw it, let it burn.

A government shutdown is a welcome change from one which is actively bending Americans over.

Not really. The blowback on the Idiot-in-Chief and the GOP will be cold comfort to all the regular people who depend on the government for pay and services.


Sounds like a good time to call in sick.


I’m sure if I was an armchair Fox News quarterback watching my favorite corrupt news team yell at Trump and then, a few hours later, watching the President actually doing what they told him to do, I’d be thrilled, because it proves that Fox Is Right or something.

But if I was a Congressional Republican, finding out that me and my staff are going unpaid for the holidays and that I might have to literally cancel my family Christmas to fly back to DC for this BS is going to burn through every remaining ounce of goodwill I might’ve had.


Regrettably, they only shut down the bits that help people. They don’t shut down the military or the cops.


What was it that came out of Fox & Friends? Oh, yes. Don’t let the liberals win.

That’s enough for the right to happily hold their noses while ignoring the practical downside.

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A functioning government wasn’t any great shakes either in that department.

The US has an economy that is showing early signs of recession. The US Federal Government is the largest employer in the country, and personal debt is higher now than before the 2008 financial crisis. Not only is a government shutdown bad news for millions of workers who are directly affected, but the timing is terrible. It would be like 3 million people in private industry furloughed for a month. It has a huge impact on the economy.


There are plenty of parts of the Federal government that do important work and do it well. They’re just the parts that most people tend not to think much about until they stop working.


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