Front Page Detective cover: "LSD, A New Religion"


Oh dammit. Thanks alot Pesco. I was just gonna go to bed. And now I have to look up “Front Page Detective”. :grin:

That’s one of the covers in the Taschen book

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You know what else I learned from that book? Zoro Park in San Diego was a haven for depraved nudists.

Apparently those nudists were into keeping the shrubbery trimmed even back then.

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Of course, neither the woman pictured on the magazine cover nor the man with the painted face pictured in an earlier comment are actually on LSD … you can see way too much of their irises.


I’ll take a wild daughter of Satan over yer fake hippy there, any day.

“Kidnaped” with one p?

Screw the LSD. Chicken Farm Graveyard??? I’m in!

You’d think they could at least have used some atropine eyedrops to give the right effect. But yeah, this was the first thing that crossed my mind as well.


  1. adj. Having a childlike quality to the nape of the neck “The kidnaped lass I met at comicon just friended me on facebook”
  2. verb. alternate spelling of “kidnapped,” the preferred spelling of those currently on the tail end of an evening of light LSD usage.

Seriously, now. How can you have one without the other?

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